January 24, 2022

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Slovakia – Croatia – Individual player ratings (FIFA 2022 World Cup Qualifiers)

5.9.2021 07:05

After the best performance of the last two years and a well-balanced match, the Slovak footballers lost to their favorite Croats 0:1. How did the individuals cope with the difficult international confrontation?

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Marek Rodak – 7

It was more about psychology than the goalkeeper’s abilities. He did not have a serious intervention, focused on several mandatory classes. The Croats took shots from medium distance and sharp centers from the sides. The citizen seized the ball and did not kick the ball. Compared to Wednesday, he improved the pass, running an important run outside the penalty area. He could not target it. He wasn’t in the expected permanence, he only covered two shots.

Peter Pickarek – 6

The publication of the squad has raised concerns about how the Croats will be managed in 34 years after 90 minutes on Wednesday in Ljubljana. However, he played offensively with more flair. He used the open space mostly on the right side, added Maca and addressed a few more positions. They lacked more accuracy and at times couldn’t get back. He performed well from a defensive position, interrupting many of the opponent’s movements. In the second half, due to fatigue, the individual fights he lost were added.

Lubomir Satca – 5

Shulac, who played more on his side, gave too much space, especially in the beginning, and after the striker’s work, his back to the gate was in danger. In another context, Aatek lacked aggressiveness in reaching offensive players, and did not avoid positioning errors. On the other hand, he got a few passes and helped balance and pass all the way to Schranz. Chemistry with Škriniar did not work out to the same level as in many previous duels.

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Milan Skriniar – 8

Inaccessible wall. In the 19th minute, Čolaka blocked the goal shot. Dominate in physical battles, choose the right solutions. When one of his teammates failed, he replaced him. This time he did not support the game as much as he had in the previous duels. He qualitatively outperforms other defenders, and has a great readability of the game. Higher demands are placed on him and he has to organize more position and game of his teammates. Before the goal, he could point to the position of a lone colleague at Inter Milan Brozovic, known for a good shot from similar positions.

David Hankow – 6

At first he seemed uncertain, but he was generally on the better defensive than Pekarek on the other side. He confirmed his level from Sparta Prague, where he plays the role of a tracker. He moved the attack, but the ball sometimes did not listen to him. With the 37th minute approaching, the Weissa coach decided it was time for a substitution. He did not avoid mistakes even if he was half of it. The chemistry that Weiss played in front of him and Škriniar’s work on his right hand was at a very good level.

Guraj Coca – 6

The field was full, he had his good and bad moments. He was often at the ball, often spoiled. He took many balls, and was defeated several times defensively with a loss. Especially in the beginning, they renumbered Hamotek to Lobotka on Wednesday. Several times he spontaneously fought and released the ball. He created half chances for Schranz and Jerka, and after the record also, Atak, finished himself too. He caused an unnecessary error with the standard, after which the Croats decided. The grand design lacked a bit of soccer ball.

Stanislav Lobotka – 8.5

He deserved the highest mark in the first half. He was constantly on the job and wasn’t missing out. He cleaned the area in front of the trackers, thanks to the low center of gravity and excellent spatial perception, and he managed to get out of tough situations as well. He often played in the offensive trio, skipping Hamšík and Kuck between stages. At high speed, he exports the ball to the penalty area, creating a tutovka for Mack. He was also playing outside, and he was having fun. He regained his physical condition again, regaining his self-confidence. He held out to the end, although after changing sides he was no longer visible in the foreground.

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Marek Hamsik – 6

Surprisingly, there was little in the game, and the Croats did not give him room to maneuver. Playing mostly from the first for a short distance, the opponent made him available. He liked the quick exchanges with Weiss, one of which resulted in the wing wrapping nearly the length of the goal. When he got a piece of space, he accelerated the game or moved the center of gravity. However, unusually rotten passes, in addition to the goalkeeper and defenders, only Kucka was inaccurate. Especially in the beginning, he approached the looseness of the defensive activity and the playmaker.

Robert Mack – 7

Mac is completely different compared to last year’s games. Confident, requests the ball and assists the defense. In the 27th minute, he could and should have scored, but after an exchange with Lobot and a good possession of the ball, only the huge goalkeeper Ivosic made the move. In the second half, after an individual penetration, he set up a goal for Poznik, but the striker kicked the ball. Mac did not hide on the sidelines and, despite his loss, took responsibility and actively participated in the break. With Weiss, the best alternatives to wings are currently.

Evan Schranz – 5

Instead of the right wing, he took command, but the team did not work with him, but served the team. He ran several kilometers, was constantly moving. Pulling defenders, he walked deep on the ball. Sometimes he misses a party. He only finished once, when he hit the level of Hamsik, he hit the defender. He ran, but didn’t get the right passes. Since his first goal against the Czech Republic, he has not made his mark in the national team nine times in a row. Finding a casual shooter might be the last piece in the puzzle of an improved national team.

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Vladimir Weiss – 6.5

He wasn’t as involved in the game as Mac, but spoiled to say the least. With more rest and ultimate fitness, he can still be a different player. It is different from others, and chooses different solutions. They were unable to follow many of their promising colleagues. In the middle of the opening chapter, there isn’t much left to comment beautifully with a cover. He showed that he cares about the national team jersey. Hank’s defensive assistance should also be highlighted.

Ondrej Duda – 5

He entered the match with an unnecessary loss. Already at a disadvantage in the 16th arc, Brozovi cheated and prepared the shooting ground for Boženík. There was little in the field in over half an hour. The match did not bring the desired motivation after replacing Hamsik, who had been trying for a long time to take up his role in the national team.

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Robert Boznik – 5

can be a hero. The winning goal was thrown with an arguing shot from the foot, and goalkeeper Ivosic equalized. He may feel particularly sorry from the first position, when he rebounded well from the defender, but the attacker should finish better from a similar position. Fight, not easy with his back to the gate against the pesky trackers Lovren and Vid.

Erik Jirka and Martin Koscelník – NO RATING

They started in the 79th minute.

David Strellick – No ratings

It started in the 88th minute.