January 19, 2022

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Slovak Hockey Cup: HC Kosice and Dukla Michalovci evaluate the match

Slovak Hockey Cup: HC Kosice and Dukla Michalovci evaluate the match

good. “I admit I don’t even know where we went. However, it’s a great business card for us. At least it looks good on paper,” HC Košice forward Adam Lapchanski laughed after the win.

In the last meeting of the Slovak Cup group on ice at home in the Michalovci derby, the steelmakers defeated Michalovci 5: 2. Labshanski scored two goals.

Hockey players from Kosice advanced to the semi-finals, which was on the program during the first break for the national team in Tipos extraliga.

Referees beep almost everything

Many teams view the Slovakia Cup, which was renewed after 24 years, only as another form of preparation for the new season.

“I don’t know if this cup has a special meaning. I don’t even know what it is all about. Personally, I consider it preparatory matches,” Lapshansky said.

His colleague Martin Beloch followed up on his words. For a native of Spišská Nová Ves, cup matches are nothing special.

“There is no bonus and we players don’t have any bonuses for that. It’s instead of warm-up matches. We don’t deal with this in any special way,” Beloch said.

The referees distributed 21 penalties in the match. Both teams lack greater discipline.

On the other hand, the referees themselves were very worried, according to the players.

“They zeroed in on almost everything. They didn’t leave the game. I think they also wanted to prepare for the season,” Beloch smiled.

Mihlik: Defending the bronze will be difficult

The people of Michalovci had a good start to training. They won four matches, but were then defeated.

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“The preparations went smoothly. However, we are a little upset about the overcoming of strength and weakness. We did not succeed in them or in Kosice. I hope they will be brought together in the league,” said Captain Michalovanov Vladimir Mihalik.

Last year, hockey players from Zemplín won the historic bronze medal. They want to repeat the successful season. However, they know that it will not be easy.

“Defending the bronze will be very difficult. It is said that the taste increases with the food. We would like to end up higher. However, the season is long. We have a younger team. We will see how everything fits in,” Mihalek said.

For Kosice, the setup was just right – a bad start and a good ending. Recent matches have indicated the required progress. Will they be able to move him to the league?

“Personally, I think we’re well prepared. We still have a week to fine-tune a few things. We’re not going to push on the saw. We’ll go game after game. I think we’ll entertain the spectators and end up as high as we can on the core,” Lapshansky wished.