January 29, 2022

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Slovak Gastronomy Alliance: the aid will not be saved in the form of food vouchers worth 500 euros

Slovak Gastronomy Alliance: the aid will not be saved in the form of food vouchers worth 500 euros

The Slovak Gastronomy Alliance (ASG) said Monday that Gastro does not consider this form of assistance sufficient, as it does not address the current situation, which is critical.

According to the ASG, a severe shutdown of gastronomy occurred long before the government officially announced it. Operations have been shut down in the black for the COVID device, so many operations have been battling with it for nearly two months. “The second wave of epidemic assistance schemes was supposed to be launched a long time ago to at least help institutions survive when they were no longer operating. However, Igor Matovich’s proposal does not absolutely address the disastrous state of the sector, which the government itself has inflicted. ” said William Pavlovsky, President of the Slovak Gastronomy Alliance.

The Assistant General Secretary does not like the fact that the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic provided assistance in the form of vouchers as a form of compensation for the ban restricting the work of gastronomic establishments. According to Pavlovsky, it is possible to talk about such a model at a time when gastronomic establishments will open again, and not at the time of window sales. “We can also see from the example of vouchers that the state has the means to compensate, moreover, to an absolute sufficient extent. But Gastron needs to turn it into some form of quick and directed help, not a future vision of something, without sharp and great help, a fifth of institutions would not live to see it at all.” Pavlovsky noted.

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According to the head of the ASG, direct compensation would help the sector. “We re-emphasize that we need at least a combination of Assistance++, ie 100% employee wage compensation, rent reimbursement, and release of Tourism Assistance from the Department of Transportation and Construction. Immediate start-up and reimbursement are essential to the survival of the stomach organ,” Pavlovsky added.