November 30, 2021

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Slovak food capsules are a hit in the US too, and no Hollywood actress can praise them (Interview)

Slovak food capsules are a hit in the US too, and no Hollywood actress can praise them (Interview)

An ecological project that will provide you with a roof over your head, energy independence, clean space, simple design and everything you need in just a few meters looks futuristic even today.

a favour capsule However, it continues to evolve, plans new business models, and the coronary crisis has hardly affected it.

The target group is the Arab countries and Western Europe. They want to go even further in the upcoming plans. Hollywood is not alien to them, as actress Susan Sarandon owns one of the creations.

Although the authors are considering making Ecocapsules available to the general public at a lower price, this is clearly not a product for everyone.

Project Founder and Design Director Tomasz Szczyk told us more about the plans and current status.

It has been four years since its release. Is there still interest in it?

The interest certainly remains, and in addition to 2021 and 2022, we are preparing completely new business models, which aim to significantly increase interest in eco-capsules, especially in the B2B sector.

We won’t reveal what it will look like yet. When we launch it, you will learn about it from our website, and of course we will inform the media.

Did you have to take out a loan to start the project in the beginning? Or how did you finance it?

As a startup, we have gone through a standard funding process, i.e. several rounds of investment by investors who trust our product and vision. This was successful, so we chose the classic path and did not have to take a loan to finance the project. Ecocapsule is a worldwide success, so the potential of the project was obvious to investors as well.

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The first electronic capsules cost 79,900 euros, in 2020 they presented a cheaper version. What made you do this?

Among other things, the demand of potential customers for a variant and affordable version inspired us to develop the novelty. At the same time, we wanted to introduce a new product to the market, gradually selling the first limited series.

SPACE by Ecocapsule differs from the ORGINAL Ecocapsule in that it has a narrower core equipment, a side solar panel instead of a solar roof and wind turbine, and is expected to be connected to the grid if there are limited green energy sources.

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