January 28, 2022

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Slovak companies are increasingly lagging behind in digitization, and the differences are huge

Slovak companies are increasingly lagging behind in digitization, and the differences are huge

Slovak companies are among the least digitized in the EU and their lagging behind the EU average continues to deepen. This is illustrated by the Digital Society and Economy Index (DESI) study, which is published annually by the European Commission (EC).

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Data Analytics, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence

In integrating digital technologies into companiesSlovakia is one of the four main criteria of the Digital Economy and Society Index out of 27 countries in the European Union.

The indicator shows how intensive the use of companies is electronic exchange technologies a Information sharing, social media, analytics, cloud a Artificial intelligence, but also whether they issue and receive electronic invoices and what is the share of e-commerce in their total revenue.

The situation is the same, the lag is still growing

Although Slovakia’s position in the ranking has not deteriorated year on year, the difference in the use of digital technologies between companies from countries that are advancing in digitization and Slovak companies is widening. Whereas five years ago, Slovak companies lag behind the European average by about 12% in the overall digitization score, the current difference is close to 30%.

What we are penultimate in the European Union

DESI shows that Slovak companies Little use of data analysis technology. Last year, it was only about 5% of companies, while in the Netherlands and Denmark for example, there are more than a quarter of them. They benefit from Slovakia less from large data volumes companies only in Romania,” notes Richard Krause, country manager at SAS Slovakia, a software and consulting firm.

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Slovakia also occupied the penultimate position in the twenty-seventh European Union In the ranking of the use of artificial intelligence is much lower than the average in the expansion of the cloudused by less than a fifth of companies.

We have a strategy and action plan at our disposal

weak digitization Companies preparing to Opportunity to gain a competitive advantagewhether by improving products or services, improving the overall customer experience, or Expansion into new marketsR. Kraus adds.

Better management and extensive data usage The European Commission considers one of the strategic tasks to increase the competitiveness of the European Union in the world. The vision of the committee is By 2030, up to 75% of companies will use cloud, artificial intelligence and data analytics. The Slovak government, which this year also responded to the long-term trend of recession and even downgrades in DESI, has responded Agree on strategy and action plan To improve the position of Slovakia in this indicator.