September 18, 2021

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Slice-off-Life Fishing Adventure to Relax Munglow Bay on Xbox a PC v októbri •

Slice-off-Life Fishing Adventure to Relax Munglow Bay on Xbox a PC v októbri •

Munglow Bay, developer of Bunnyhawk Slice-of-Life Fishing RPG, is set to dock October 7 and carry over to Xbox, PC, and Game Pass.

In the Canadian port city in the 1980s, people feared fishing and drew inspiration from Moonglo Bay, Harvest Moon, and Legend of the River King “to capture the magic of fishing and make it a heart.” “

Players take on the role of a new fisherman trying to fulfill his partner’s last wish and continue his work – Munglow Bay is more grateful for the SIM’s relaxation than the struggle to buy a soul on the brink of loss.

Moonglo Bay – Release date.

Working alone or in cooperation with a friend, players in the base circle can fish, cook and then sell their cooking results and travel farther to improve equipment and fishing boats.

“With a magazine and stick in hand, explore the highest parts of the ocean, from frozen glaciers to boiling geysers, learn how to create nets and ice fishing, and discover more than 100 aquatic creatures,” explains Bunny Hawk. A grandiose city – a story that, according to Ponyihawk, transcends many unique curves – connects with the inhabitants of Monglow Bay, each of whom has their own stories.

Relax If You Think It’s a Hunting Adventure, Moonglo Bay Xbox, PC (via steam a epic action), and when Game Boss meets on October 7.

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