January 21, 2022

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Slave's sharp reaction to taking points: In a hockey move, we're really lying in someone's stomach!

Slave’s sharp reaction to taking points: In a hockey move, we’re really lying in someone’s stomach!

In the photo, Bratislava FC coach Slovan Slovan, Robert Dom Source: TASR / Ján Krošlák

Bratislava – HC hockey players deduct three points at the end of the main part of the overtime league Tipos. This came in the decision of its members at the meeting of the University Council today, Thursday. In a first round match against Dukla Trenčín (4:1), Slovan was guilty of SZĽH competition rules. The Belarusians are appealing this decision. This came in an official statement by the club, which was published on its website on Thursday.

Slovan was supposed to have two players from 2002 or younger or vacancies for such hockey players in a duo with Trenčín. Although the famous club from the capital left a seat vacant, it had one older player over the other, something the league board dealt with over the weekend and early week.

“The rules of the competition allow you to keep the score with which the match ended on the field, that is, the personal stats of the players. However, at the same time, they allow you to deduct three points at the end of the basic match part.” He explained to hockeysl Slovakiaia.sk, a member of the Extraliga League Council and Director of the Sports Department of SZĽH Rastislav Konečný: “HC Slovan Bratislava may use the Appeals Body against this decision, after which it will be dealt with by the Executive Committee of SZĽH,” added.

At the same time, the League Council received an objection from HK Dukla Trenčín, in which the Matos Chák Castle Club demanded to occupy the match and award the three points. The League Council has not complied with Trenčan, and individual player statistics remain in effect.

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Slovan appeals the League Council’s decision

The editors publish the opinion of HC Slovan Bratislava in full text and without editorial changes:

“We are disappointed and disappointed with the decision of the League Council on the extra league. We cannot help the impression that Slovan is already in the stomach of someone in the Slovak hockey movement., which has clearly dominated.

It is clear from the full case over the sun that Slovan did not intentionally create a theoretical advantage in the form of deploying an older player. Although the Association of Professional Hockey Clubs (APHK) itself claims to have decided to change the relevant directive at the beginning of the summer, our club, which is not a member of the APHK but is a legitimate participant in the Extra League, has not. Officially or unofficially aware of it. The Slovak Ice Hockey League itself officially decided to change the routing just 48 hours before the opening match and notified by email for each lap less than 24 hours before the match. Whatever you think about the level of communication in the federation, it is surprising and very unprofessional that you decide on such an important thing, which affects the strategy of creating a club for each club before the new season, a few hours before the start. from competition.

If the Federation wants to intervene in such cases and influence the results of the competition by taking points, it should arrange as soon as possible that the team rosters work in electronic mode and automatically prevent unauthorized players from entering the roster, which is a common practice in KHL, Champions. Hockey League, but also in most of the major European competitions, which Slovakia wants to get close to.

Before the start of the hockey season, Slovan and his new owners eloquently demonstrated their attitude to the needs of the national team, investing several hundred thousand euros in the formation of a B team. The average age is less than 22 years. At the same time as the Slovan – Trenčín out-of-league match, 10 players in U20 status for Team B of the Blue Wings of Slovan started in a Tipos SHL match in nearby Trnava. If the management of HC SLOVAN were aware of the changing direction, there would be no problem at all in drawing at least one of these players into Team A.

In the end, just a message to Slovan fans, but also to others who don’t need our club: I may have made several league board decisions today at the start of Christmas, but Slovan will quickly get rid of this issue and come back stronger. “

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