November 28, 2021

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Škriniar's video was also outraged: the strange victory celebration of star Lazia was replaced by a stream of tears!

Škriniar’s video was also outraged: the strange victory celebration of star Lazia was replaced by a stream of tears!

Luiz Felipe’s bad joke stirred up a lot of emotions on the pitch after the final whistle Source: Profimedia

ROME – Lazio beat Inter Milan in an impressive and decisive match at home 3: 1. Defenders of the title, in which Slovakian team Milan Shkriniar traditionally made the starting line-up, suffered their first league loss this season and could lose third place, Lazio is fifth.

The battle against Lazio was hot for Inter coach Simone Inzaghi, who has worked for Biancocelesti continuously since 1999, for the past five years as head coach. He sent his new team Perišič into the lead with a strange right-footed penalty – in the past in Serie A, he also converted a left-footed penalty kick.

In the 64th minute, not even the top scorer in the Immobile competition made a mistake from the white point, and in the end, Anderson smashed the rebound into the net after a home artillery shot. Added Milinkovič-Savič fuse in settings.

Failed joke about a former teammate

A really strange moment occurred on the grass after the whistle of the end of the sharp blow, when Lazio player Luis Felipe celebrated the win by jumping on the back of Joaquin Corrio, Milan’s teammate Ukriniar at Milan Inter, where he was a guest from Lazio and a few months ago, so it was Felipe’s teammate.

The joy of victory was replaced by a torrent of tears

Correa’s angry reaction, who either didn’t realize who he was or was frustrated with the loss, led the referee to a tough penalty and, without thinking, gave Philip a red card. The joy of winning was immediately replaced by a torrent of tears, and efforts to make it clear that it was just a failed prank of a former teammate were unsuccessful. This strange moment ignited emotions on the pitch, when Inter Milan players, including Milan Shkriniar, started right after Felipe.

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