December 2, 2021

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Škriniar paid the millions earned in Villa Megalux

Škriniar paid the millions earned in Villa Megalux

29.10. 7:45

Bratislava – joined his teammates in the national team. Slovak footballer Milan Shkriniar (26) will receive nearly €6 million for this season at Inter Milan, Italy. He decided to invest his hard-earned money in luxury real estate. He bought a huge mansion which he rented for thousands of euros.

Milan Shkriniar presented this luxury residence

Milan Shkriniar is a footballer who regularly buys expensive clothes, cars and jewelry. In addition, he often uses a private plane for transportation. But he can bear it. A native of iar nad Hronom from Inter makes a sound of 465,000 per month. Recently, the entrepreneurial spirit has also woken up and football has invested millions in real estate in Slovakia.

Perhaps he took an example from his national team teammates Marek Hamsik and Juraj Koke, who have been in business for several years and also thinking about the back door after a career. The star defender bought a huge villa in the village of Vyšné Ružbachy, which he offered to accommodate the common people. According to Real Estate Cadastre, it has owned the company since July 2020, its directors are Radoslav Skrinyarov’s brother and mother Anna. Milan Shkriniar’s position most likely lies in the silent partner.

This was confirmed to us indirectly by the director of the company Radoslav Škriniar, when we asked him for his opinion. “Thank you for your question. I also informed my brother with them. Unfortunately, even with today’s match, he doesn’t want to comment on it. However, he will surely give an opinion on this in the future, but not at the moment.” Radoslav Ukrinar wrote to us. Milan Shkriniar responded with the same harshness: “If you contact me about an interview, the club must agree to it first and you must contact them first,” he said. Posted in esemeske.

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Luxurious residence just 500 meters from the famous spa has plenty to offer. The three-storey interior has an area of ​​380 square meters. The villa has 5 bedrooms, the same number of bathrooms. Capacity for accommodation 14 people. Downstairs you will find the best wellness with saunas and there is also a swimming pool. The entire property can only be rented, with a one-night price starting from 800 euros. For a one-week stay, the applicant will send €5,600 for it.

Look at the huge headquarters bought by ŠKRINIAR in eastern Slovakia