January 28, 2022

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Skoda Elegant Coupe IV: the world’s first schematic diagram. Before the premiere – magazine – automatic

This month, Škoda will introduce a sports derivative of the Enyaqu iV electric drive. The premiere will be significant, because the Czech brand will return to the coupe segment years later. The last time she appeared here was the supermodel, which was produced between 1984 and 1990.

Photo: Škoda Auto

Skoda Elegant Coupe IV – Drawing 2022 The first diagram reveals that in addition to the flowing silhouette of the cabin, the Enyaq Coupé iV will also get a more aggressive bumper shape, a black visor and protection for the brushed plastic doors.

Skoda is preparing for the January premiere of the second body version of the Enyaq iV electric SUV. It’s certainly no surprise that this is a variant with a flowing cabin. That’s why she gave him the adjective Coupé. We are far from hearing that for the first time. Last year, the Czech automaker showed us the silhouette of the new SUV-Coupé and also sent pictures of convincing pre-production prototypes to the world, which are undergoing demanding tests. But now we have the official blueprint for the first time. This only confirms that the biggest design changes will take place behind the central pillars.

The descending roof line will end with a cut edge. But we also see a more aggressive “cut” in the front bumper on the most powerful version of the Enyaqu RS, a visor lined in piano black or plastic door protection painted in body color. Despite its sporty nature, the Enyaq Coupé iV doesn’t deprive the crew of space. The shape has not changed much. The four-wheel drive coupe will be 4,653 mm in length, up to four millimeters more, and 1,621 in height, which is almost the same as the regular Enyaq iV model. It will be similar with a hub wheelbase of 2.765 mm and a width of 1879 mm.

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Only the bag pays to change the proportions. However, its core life will be 570 liters less, which is only 15 liters less than the classic Enyaqu iV. The damage will also preserve the lines of the interior design. A modern and comfortable alternative will be the loft level, the Lodge version will be built on sustainable materials and the ecoSuite alternative will have Cognac leather upholstery, produced in an ecological and sustainable way, using extracts from olive leaves.

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We also know the technique. Customers will have a choice of two battery packs, rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. The base version of the iV 60 will provide a 62 kWh battery (58 kWh usable) and a 132 kW electric motor, which will drive the rear axle. The iV 80 version also has rear-wheel drive, but produces 150 kW and a capacity of 82 kWh (77 kWh usable). This version will have a range of 535 kilometers on a single charge, which is 15 kilometers more than the Enyaq iV. The reason is better aerodynamics with a Cx of 0.247.

The top of the range will be the Enyaq Coupé iV 80× with all-wheel drive, which will use the largest battery packs, but a pair of its electric motors will power it up to 195 kW. At least until the arrival of the sharpened RS, which will send 225 kW to all four wheels. The coupe feature will be support for charging with a power of 125 kW. Skoda claims that the Enyaq Coupé iV will return to the coupe-body car scene. The latter was produced in the form of the Skoda Rapid in 1990. However, it also refers to a much older history, in which we find the popular Monte Carlo, the Skoda 1000 MBX or the cult Skoda 110 R.

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