December 2, 2021

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Skiing – Michaela Schiffrin: I’ll never be the same again

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The new old Michaela Shiffrin is back. According to the result of the first races of the season, she is back in great shape and famous performances, but, as she herself said, she will never be the same again.

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In the season’s inaugural giant slalom, she took first place after two good submissions in rounds one and two. Only Lara Gut Bahrami, who was 0.14 seconds behind, could compete with her. Third Petra Velhova lost up to 1.30 seconds.

“It’s always tough here, but I went full speed and skated really well. However, it was a challenging race, especially in the second round. Even if you know you went well, you have to push harder. I had issues with that last season. So it is special to me that it has worked for me now and everything is going well,” The American figure skater evaluated her performance.

Many competitors praised not only the well-prepared track in the Austrian resort, which also wished for beautiful sunny weather. “It was great. The track was prepared really amazing. We do outdoor sports, so sometimes the track can’t be prepared well for bad conditions, but it was really cool here. It was a pleasure to ski here.”

Despite the impressive result in the first races, he does not overestimate anything. “Starting the season with a victory is great, but it’s just a start, and it doesn’t mean anything yet. I have to work on myself and get better every day.”

Shiffrin triumphed at Sölden for the second time in her career, posting her first win in 2014 at the age of 19. “I was a little kid” I laughed at the press conference.

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Michaela Shivrinova

Zdroj: offspring

I would never be like this before

Last season, Michaela wasn’t what fans were used to. She had not had a full summer internship, and suffered from back pain especially the tragic death of her father in February 2020. However, she has entered the current year in much better mental and physical condition.

A new relationship with the Norwegian figure skater Alexander Aamodt Keld also helped her. The audience could also see their mutual support in Sölden, as Kilde waited at the finish line, hugging Shiffrin after her win.

“It’s great that he stayed here and supported me. It’s one of those things that makes me smile, gives me good energy. I’m lucky. After the race, I hugged him and said we’ll see each other later. He supports me and motivates me a lot when I’m with him, both in life and in skiing.” Having him here has been very special to me. Despite our calendars being divided, I hope to be able to return support to him at the finish line one day.”

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Michaela Shivrinova and Alexander Amodt Keldeh


The performances are back, the smile is back on her face, but it will never be the same again. “If I’ve learned anything in the last couple of years, it’s that I can’t go back. I’m never going to be Michaela like I used to be. I miss a huge part and always will. But I’m learning and growing. I have reasons to smile, I have reasons to motivate. I’m there now and it’s a good place to be.” .

The tragic event in her life also affected her sports mentality. She achieved her 70th career win at Sölden, making her as legend as Ingemar Stenmark and Lindsey Vonn. No one else has reached this goal.

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“It’s a great achievement. I’m proud of it. I don’t remember every single one, but… It’s hard to explain. It didn’t happen today. It’s always step by step, day in and day out. My goal today was to skate well, with good commitment. And I Proud of it. I can prove that I managed it in the first races of the season.”

If anyone thought Michaela Shiffrin was a sports machine, they would be wrong. “I got nervous, always wondering if I could still win, if I could skate with more energy than ever before. Sometimes I feel like I’m left behind. So the start of the season is very good and motivates me.

Despite my nervousness, I did. It didn’t stop me, I skated well, and I didn’t have a mass. I expect that I will continue to feel some tension, and that my heart will beat more…but that’s okay. Now I feel like it’s good to be nervous,” Three-time winner of the captivated big globe.

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More tension awaits her this season in two special events for her. The first will be the return of the World Cup to Killington, USA. “I always feel a lot of pressure out there, and it’s not easy. But I missed racing in the States, and I’m really looking forward to it.”

The second, of course, is the Olympiad, for which 26-year-old Shiffrin has set bold goals, and wants to participate in all disciplines. How hard is it to prepare for everyone? “It is almost impossible, but we will see. It is my dream, I will do everything in my power. But I have to stay realistic, I will not kill myself for it. But I would like to go to every major.”

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Last season, Petra Flova won a huge world, thus entering the new year as her protagonist. Although she said her priority is the Olympics and not the world, she will be in a position to advocate for the entire season. Shiffrin knows that feeling all too well, she’s had a big world in 2017, 2018, and 2019.

“Every race you think about whether you’re doing well enough. It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. It’s hard to defend a big world. Being on the podium for the first event of the season is a good sign, but it’s still too early for anything other than “Okay, good first races, let’s move on,” He said the difficulty of defending the Great Realm.

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Show a great heart

At the race in Sölden, Austria, Michaela Schiffrin not only put on a great performance, but also showed off her character. She stayed in the finish zone as the last of the skaters, willingly responding to numerous requests for an interview. She came to us as another, but she came willingly without a sad expression.

She willingly and with a smile answered every question at length. We haven’t heard, either from her or her team, that we should quit because he’s in such a hurry because there’s only one question coming up. You didn’t go away after the conversation. She took another photo and caught a little fan who had climbed two roadblocks behind her.

Photo Gallery

Michaela Shiffrin stayed last in the end zone.

Source: Š, Alžbeta Takácsová

Photo Gallery

Michaela Shiffrin signed with a young fan.

Source: Š, Alžbeta Takácsová