October 21, 2021

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ŠK Slovan: Tough words for coach Weiss after the loss in Ružomberok

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Slovan Bratislava Football coach Vladimir Weiss St. After losing to Ružomberok, he declared that if he had to tell the truth and what he believed, he would not be able to come to work the next day.

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The ruling Slovak gentleman is not in an ideal mood. This is indicated not only by the latest results of the “egg”, but also by the performance on the field. Bratislava has won only twice in its last seven matches, drawn three times and in two cases withdrew to the shorter end. She did not know the joy of winning four consecutive matches.

Slovan deepened the potential crisis of completing the third round of the Fortuna League in Ružomberok. The favorite in the match did not confirm the paper assumptions in terms of results or performance, and finally, after Martin Rigali’s 90th minute goal, the home team of Rumberok was looking forward to it.

If I’m telling the truth, I don’t have to go to the robots in the morning

rudder slave Vladimir Weiss Street. He was far from satisfied after the match. “Honestly, the home team deservedly won, because they showed more desire to win and had more opportunity to take advantage of it. They had more feelings, desire or running and that was enough for us today.”

“We played very poorly in the first half and without commitment. In the second we added a little, but it wasn’t enough. The quality was missing especially up front at the end, where we couldn’t win a single game at all. We knew it was always tough in the Ružomberok, because I may not have won here in my career. I don’t remember that.”

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“The situation is always difficult here and I have alerted the players to it. It has not been confirmed.” Weiss continued, “Life goes on. We have to prepare for the next game. We play every three days and see what happens next.”

Then the former national team coach spoke words that only confirm that this is not ideal in Slovan at the moment. On his question about how he explained that the desire of his players to win is less than the desire of the host team, he commented as follows: “I don’t want to judge it right after the match now, because if I said what I thought in my feelings, I wouldn’t be able to come to the robots in the morning.”

Vladimir Weiss

Source: TASR

Weiss says something is wrong

Subsequently, Weiss announced that his charge performance at Ružomberok was the weakest under him. “Every player who plays for Slovan has to have passion. He has to be in every club. It also depends on whether you have the quality. If not, you have to fight, attack and do everything for the success of the team. That’s why we didn’t do anything. It was the weakest performance on our part under my leadership. I know where the problem is, what we need to improve and which direction we should take. We’ll see if there’s time for that.”

“I will work as long as I have enough strength, as long as I enjoy it, or as long as the club wants to work with me. It’s a long process, but something is not good somewhere and we have to fix it.” The players are in really good conditions and presenting themselves in this way is unsustainable for the owner of the club or the spectators or for me. To everyone, we jogged in the first half, motivate them with something, but it didn’t work out. I was expecting a tough game, but not such a poor performance,” the 57-year-old coach said.

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“I don’t want to say the phrases that Liverpool or Barcelona play every three days and the same players are still playing. I am either a weak coach or weak players. There is no other sentence for that,” Finally, Weiss added.

Another challenging duel awaits Slovan over the weekend, when the champion will present himself at Senice and four days later PAOK Thessaloniki will welcome him into the second round of the group stage of the European Conference League.

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