October 23, 2021

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Six people survived the plane crash in Tatarstan, 16 died

According to TASS, rescuers have already finished work at the site of the tragedy.

An L-410 transport plane with paratroopers on board crashed in the Russian Tatar Republic on Sunday. RIA Novosti reported that, according to updated information, there were 22 people on board, 16 of whom died and six were injured. Earlier, authorities reported seven wounded and 23 people on board.

The plane crashed one kilometer from the airport of Minselinsk, from which it took off.

According to TASS, rescuers have already finished work at the site of the tragedy. 47. They participated in the rescue operation and had 15 pieces of equipment.

The authorities sent investigators to investigate the cause of the machine’s crash.

According to the adviser to the Russian Minister of Health Alexei Kuznetsov, the six injured are in serious condition. Kuznikov added that Health Minister Mikhail Morasco himself took responsibility for providing medical care to the injured.

According to AFP, the footage released by the Ministry of Emergency Situations shows the plane smashed in half and the front part flipped over.

According to Interfax, the plane belongs to the Voluntary Association for Assistance of the Russian Army, Air Force and Navy, which is known as a sports and defense organization.

There were no complaints about the club, said Ravel Nurmachitov, head of the regional branch of the organization that organized the trip. “We are the best, we are among the top five clubs,” Nurmachitov told TASS, adding that the club has also hosted European and world championships, and cosmonauts train here.

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Referring to its source, TASS said that the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center (CPK) will suspend cooperation with the Menzelinsk Aviation Club during the investigation of the causes of the crash. Command.

The L410 is a twin-engine aircraft developed in the late 1960s in Czechoslovakia.

In September, an aircraft of this type landed firmly in the Russian Irkutsk region. On board were 16 people, four of whom died, and 12 others were injured.