January 18, 2021

‘Situation worsens’: Officials say new Govt-19 strain is on the rise across the UK – World News

Authorities on Saturday expressed concern over the spread of a new mutated corona virus in the United Kingdom as the infection rate continues to rise across the country. The meteor rise has caused hospitals, ICUs and wards across the UK to be filled with the virus, which has already been extended due to an increase in patients.

News agency PTI quoted officials as saying that evidence of a new strain of Kovit-19 was on the rise in the country from London, the southeast and the east of the UK.

Field hospitals built in the early days of the epidemic but later infested are being reactivated, the news agency Reuters reported.

According to the UK director of the Royal College of Nursing, the UK is “in the eye of the storm”. The death toll has risen to more than 74,000 since 53,285 new Covid-19 cases and 613 deaths were reported in the UK on Friday.

The government has confirmed that infection rates are rising faster than expected in these areas where the new strain is spreading and that stronger measures are needed to bring the virus under control.

The variant of the corona virus, which is 70% more contagious, is spreading rapidly in the UK. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has previously said that mutated virus strain is not considered to be the most dangerous or the most serious disease.

– London’s primary schools should be closed, order the authorities

The UK government has ordered all primary schools in London to close their new posts next week in a bid to prevent them from being hospitalized as a result of a devastating strain of the corona virus.

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From Monday, the capital’s primary schools – for children ages 5 to 11 – will offer distance learning to most students. Vulnerable children and guardians who are key staff will continue to attend school. The government has ordered that preschools remain open.

– UK brace for new spike in corona virus cases

Concerns are growing about the potential of the already extended National Health Service to cope with the growing expectation of people seeking treatment for Govt-19 infections, which could be further triggered by holiday meetings at Christmas and New Year.

– NHS leader says ‘nail biting hard’ for next few weeks

Leaders of the state-funded National Health Service (NHS) have warned over the next few weeks that “nail biting is difficult”, adding that staff shortages and the new corona virus variant virus are putting great pressure.