December 7, 2021

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Sirnak was not afraid of Ovechkin’s bombs. Wilson faces penalty for attacking Slovakian – NHL – Hockey – Sport . player

Erik Černák became the third star in the NHL game, defeating Tampa Bay Washington 3:2 on Tuesday night.


02.11.2021 10:05

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Eric Cernak, with the help of Tampa teammate Victor Hedman, tries to stop Washington captain Alexander Ovekin.

In the Stanley Cup defender’s jersey, the Slovak defender played 22:11 minutes, scored one shot attempt and two extra points and distributed as many as six points – more than all players on the ice.

Cernak earned this honor especially for his outstanding defensive play and his work on weaknesses. He shone the most at the end of the first period, when he bravely blocked three shots from Alexander Ovechkin in many shortcomings.

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“He showed incredible bravery. The guy put his body into the shot, and sacrificed himself so we wouldn’t get a goal.

He’s impressive, and he’s got a lot of guts. Brayden Point striker Ernaco, who scored the third goal, “The Lightning”, praised Cernak’s heroic performance, according to the club’s website.

Coach John Cooper said in a similar vein:

“It just takes really bravery, because everyone knows Ofeken doesn’t pass, it kicks off the first. We didn’t get a second goal in that weakness and that drove us to a turn.”

After the last siren, Cernak got into a fight with Tom Wilson, who attacked the Slovak defender right after the bulls in the attack area.

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Wilson hit Cernak’s wrist first with a two-handed hockey stick, then pulled me away.

Wilson’s interference was not owed anything to his reputation, and the situation may be reviewed by a disciplinary board, as he would have broken his opponent’s wrist with such an attack.

Wilson was frustrated with Cernak because the Slovak defender did not give him space in the entire match and eliminated him with a good defensive match.

“Black arranged everything,” Cirelli said. Wilson still had a good chance at the start of the second half in strong play, but the joy of the first goal of the season was spoiled by Andrei Vasilevsky with a superb catch.

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Černák’s Martin Vervari 16:34. He scored two shots, one minus and four “hit”.

The first goal in the National Hockey League was scored by Brett Leeson, who received the “hats” at the start of the fencing. “It’s frustrating. We hate losses,” said Washington striker Lars Eller.

The capital team suffered their first loss in regular time this season, scoring empty after eight games.

After a poor start, Lightning took their third win in a row, and Anthony Cirelli contributed a goal and two assists.