January 16, 2022

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Simcoe, MP for Qutib, continues to engage in trade, although the law forbids him from doing so.  He can get as fine as Matovic

Simcoe, MP for Qutib, continues to engage in trade, although the law forbids him from doing so. He can get as fine as Matovic

National Assembly member Joseph Shemko on behalf of Kotlipova SNS It is likely that the mayor of Rimavska Sobota will face two cases at once before the parliamentary commission on the incompatibility of posts – whether he violated the constitutional law on the protection of the public interest. Simcoe is also a member of the Incompatibilities Committee.

Simcoe appears in the trade license records Since 2005. He claims to have requested a trade suspension years ago, but there is no entry on the record. If officials do nothing wrong, Simcoe is violating the constitutional law, which prohibits public officials from doing business.

He’s doing business, though he shouldn’t

The representative of Qtalib promised the end of March 2020 and began implementing his mandate. According to an extract from the commercial register, the trade he established in August 2005 has not been suspended or canceled. However, the constitutional law to protect the public interest prohibits a public official from doing business.

Freelance JUDr. Joseph Simcoe is engaged in newspaper publishing, advertising activities and the brokerage of trade and free trade services.

Simko claims that in the case of Štýl, sro, he terminated management and asked to suspend trade in 2010, when he became mayor of Rimavska Sobota.

At first he stated that he did not do any trade, and after a few days he admitted that he is still on the register as a self-employed person.

“You are right, I am still self-employed. I am verifying this,” the MP replied to the question whether this does not violate the Law on the Protection of the Public Interest in the Performance of Public Official Functions.

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For a deputy to contravene the “shall not do business” clause of the Constitutional Act, he does not have to carry on active activities or make a profit, it is sufficient that he does not have a suspended or canceled deal for the period of exercising his parliamentary mandate.

Since the Parliamentary Committee has already fined another member at least once in an almost identical case, it must also deal with Josef Schemke.

Kotleba and Šimko opened a bike path together in 2015. Photo – TASR

He’s doing business, even if he’s not doing business

Member of Parliament Igor Matovich faced a similar problem, because his trade was not suspended for three weeks as a Member of Parliament in 2013.

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