November 28, 2021

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shoot! So fired. Peter Bondra also saw the goal from his point of view

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Slovak hockey defender Martin Vervari received the first accurate kick in the National Hockey League Away. The 22-year-old Bratislava-born player won the Canadian-American profile in his 11th base game, in which he lost to Calgary Flames 3:4 after extra time on Saturday at the Washington Capitals at home.

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The Slovak team won the goal in the 28th minute after a pass by Tom Wilson and a quick shot with his wrist beat Czech goalkeeper Daniel Vladach with a kick.

The Capitals had already lost 0:3 after the first period, Fehérváry corrected to the current 2:3 and the Caps extension was arranged through goal 735 of his career by Russian senior canon Alexander Ovekin. However, the guest star of the fencing was Elias Lindholm, who completed a hat-trick in overtime and scored Flames’ second point. Fehérváry was declared the second star of the meeting after the fight.

“I tried to counterattack, the puck got back at me from Tom Wilson and I heard Cozy from behind. (Editor’s note, Yevgeny Kuznetsov) He shouts, “Shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot!” So I shot and it went on, I’m really happy, The Slovak defender told foreign media.

The young Slovak defender also received congratulations from Slovak legend Washington Capitals striker Peter Bondra. “Congratulations to Martin on his first NHL goal,” Bondra wrote on Twitter, adding a video of Ferrari’s precise tackle.

Martin Fehérváry scored the first point in the NHL nearly two years ago, when he was involved in the 2019/2020 season in a delicate interference by Yevgeny Kuznetsov in a failed duel against Philadelphia. This year, his only record was in six matches.

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He has competed in five games this season, including on Saturday, and this was his first point. She didn’t make her way to the NHL last year and spent it in the AHL at Capitals Farm Hershey Bears., which maps what’s happening at Washington Capitals Club, advises Fehérváry very high up the defense hierarchy, despite having played only 11 duels in the NHL base so far.

“Despite spending the vast majority of the past two seasons in less competition, Fehérváry appears to be a qualified member of the Capitals’ top two defenses. His target is perhaps the first of many.” Written by Ian Holland on this site.