January 22, 2022

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Shiffrin says the chances of Peter defeating are slim.  I'm not a machine, I'm against Velhova - winter sports - sports

Shiffrin says the chances of Peter defeating are slim. I’m not a machine, I’m against Velhova – winter sports – sports

In 2019, the prestigious American newspaper The New York Times ranked the fights of Mikaela Shiffrin and Petra Vlhová at the Alpine Ski World Cup as the greatest women’s sports competition today. Continue after dormancy.

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The winner of the slalom Zagreb is Petra Velhova (centre), second Mikaela Shivrinova (left) and third, Katarina Linsbergerova.

After a tragedy in the family of the American phenomenon – on February 2, 2020, Shiffrin’s father Jeff died after falling from a roof – the most technically advanced skater impressively returned to the World Cup.

It also showed a famous comeback yesterday in Zagreb. After an eight-day hiatus due to a positive coronavirus test, she set off to start the longest running slalom in the women’s division of the series.

And although the winds and high temperatures did not allow organizers to build a slalom that takes more than 60 seconds to complete, it still kept the runners busy.

Shiffrin was not lost in it. After the first lap she fell off favorite Vlhová by more than six tenths of a second, but on the second round she guarded the broken top of the track and gradually increased her lead to the finish.

Snowboarding Croatia SP - Women's Slalom Round Two Read more Vlhová is the third Snow Queen! In Zagreb, she demonstrated what no one had before her

“Hats off to Shiffrin, how I was able to come back after sick problems,” Felho coach Mauro Bini admitted.

His mission eventually withstood a massive attack from his American counterpart. I went upstairs for sure, and when I went through an intricate passage, I revealed it completely at the last slope of Bear Hill. She won by half a second.

“I definitely didn’t go. I can’t stand it, but let’s just say I went wisely. I knew some of the lanes on the track are a challenge and you have to be careful about that,” Velhova admitted at the Slovak Skating Federation.

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The Slovak woman recorded her 24th career victory, winning the Most Discipline for the 16th time. She has won four slalom races this season. In addition, he went down in the history of the most prestigious races in the Croatian capital. She was the first to win it three times in a row.

Three years ago, by a huge margin – Shiffrin was ahead by 1.31 seconds, and Katharina Linsberger lost 3.49 seconds – last year (only five hundred seconds) ahead of the Austrian.

Eighteen-year-old Michaela Shiffrin in the press ...

15-year-old Petra Velhova at the event "Ski Inter...

“Winning in Zagreb three times in a row is amazing, and I am sincerely looking forward to it. It is not a question of course, I have to win every victory,” Vlova said.

Together with their biggest competitor, they are on the same path. They do not like to lose and take second place. In Zagreb, however, Shiffrin finished second and 80 points in the all-ten overall standings.

“After weeks of no training, I felt empowered. I got locked in my room for a few days and lost something to make perfect,” Shiffrin admitted.

How is the Slovak-American rivalry seen returning to the white slopes after a break and before the Beijing Olympics?

Michaela Shivrinova Read more Media reactions: Another blow from a self-confident Slovak woman. labia bearing distance

“It was tough, we know what Petra is. She is always a competition. She is well prepared, and she has a lot of support from the team.

There is always a chance to beat her, but because she is very strong and does not make mistakes, she is small. “It’s a tough and big challenge for all of us,” Shifrin added.

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Vlhová in the best slalom a month before the 2022 Olympics in Beijing. But…

“I’m not an unbeatable machine. Now I ride well, I enjoy skateboarding. It’s not easy to win.

My biggest competitor is my other self. I still want to win, but I can’t mess around. I have to focus on every detail.”

Petra Velhova holds the Snow Queen crown after...

Petra Velhova celebrates her victory in Zagreb.

Petra Velhova and her program for the 2021/22 season

Date of Event location and discipline Vlhovova . site
October 23 Solden – Huge Slalom 3. City
November 13 lech zorse – parallel zigzag did not start
November 20 Levi – limp 1. City
November 21 Levi – limp 1. City
November 27 Killington – Giant Slalom canceled
November 28 Klington – limp 2. City
December 3 Lake Louise – Zagazd did not start
December 4 Lake Louise – Zagazd did not start
December 5 Lake Louise – Super G did not start
December 11 St. Moritz – Super G did not start
December 12 St. Moritz – Super G did not start
December 18 Val d´Isere – Exit did not start
December 19 Val d’Isire – Super G did not start
December 21 Courchevel – Giant Slalom 4. City
December 22 Courchevel – Giant Slalom 5. City
December 28 Linz – Giant Slalom 2. City
December 29 Linz – meander 1. City
January 4 Zagreb – meander 1. City
January 8 Kranjska Gora – Obrovsky Slalom
January 9 Kranjska Gora – Slalom
January 11 Flachau – limp
January 15 Zochnessi – Zagazd
January 16 Zochini – Super G
January 22 Cortina d’Ampezzo – Zagaz
January 23 Cortina d’Ampezzo – Super G
25 January Kronplatz – Giant Slalom
January 29 Garmisch-Partenkirchen – Zagazd
January 30 Garmisch Partenkirchen – Great G
February 7 Beijing Olympics – Giant Slalom
February 9 Beijing Olympics – Slalom
February 11 Beijing Olympic Games – Super Ji
February 15 Beijing Olympic Games – Congress
February 17 Beijing Olympics – Mix
February 19 Beijing Olympics – Team Competition
February 26 Crans Montana – Exit
February 27 Crans Montana – Exit
5. Brand Lenzerheide – Great G
6. Brand Lenzerheide – Giant slalom
11. Brand Do – mega slalom
12. Brand Do – limp
16. Brand SP Final in Courchevel – Downhill
17. Brand SP Final in Courchevel – Super G
18. Brand SP Final Courchevel – Team Competition
19. Brand SP Final in Courchevel – Slalom
20. Brand SP final in Courchevel – huge slalom
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World Cup standings (after 17 of 37 competitions): 1. Schiffrin (US) 830 points, 2. VLHOVÁ (SR) 715, 3. Goggio (ITA) 657, 4. Hector (Sweden) 442, 5. Brignoni (ITA) 407, 6. Jesinova (Viva.) 359

Zigzag order (5 of 9): 1. VLHOVÁ 480 b. , 2. Shiffrinová 340, 3. Liensbergerová (AUT) 262, 4. Holdenerová (Švaj.) 241, 5. Dürrová (Nem.) 202, 6. Gisinová 187

Ranking in FIG. Slalom (after 4 of 9 races): 1. Schiffrin 280, 2. Hector 262, 3. VLHOVÁ 235, 4. Worli 227, 5. Seppenhofer 118, 6. Muenkelova 110

Super-G rating (after 4 out of 9 competitions): 1. Goggio 320, 2. Brignone 227, 3. Curtonio 216, 4. Shiffrin 205, 5. Gutova-Behramio 180, 6. Mowinckelova 158

Slope standings (after 3 races out of 9): 1. Goggio 300, 2. Johnson 240, 3. Puchnerova 152, 4. Suterova 145, 5. Siebenhoferova 124, 6. Delagova 112

Parallel competition rankings (1): 1. Slokarová 100, 2. Stjernesundová 80, 3. Lysdahlová 60, 4. Bassinová (ITA) 50, 5. Hectorová 45, 6. Monsenová (NOR) 40