November 30, 2021

Beyond Going Long

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She could hardly look into the farmer’s eye!

As usual, this time before the duel with the owner, he visited the farmer, who, together with the farmer of the week, checked the tasks assigned to him. At first, Teresa was full of confidence.

The brunette’s face slowly started to freeze slowly at first when Martin checked the order in farms. Unfortunately, the housekeeper He also looked at the places where the contestants didn’t rely on them and remained very dissatisfied. The review of appointments continued, and the president could not hide the anger.

The uninvited sausage stirred not only great feelings, but the heart of the homeowner, too, The bell tower was not in good condition. The highest authority on the farm was disturbed by the half-stonework, the sloping stairs, the opening in the wall, and the ill-equipped space for the bell.

“I was ashamed of dogs, because I was 100 percent sure that everything was fine. I was ashamed of it, and I am ashamed because… I am a person who, if he promises something, will keep it. I couldn’t look at Martin’s eyes. The mother who walked with 37 coins admitted. I felt sorry for the rating and even cried. “I take him here as a father. I know he’s a good guy and believe me“I was confined alone to Aunt Martin.

Image/Source: VOYO, TV Markíza, Instagram / farma.markiza

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