November 30, 2021

Beyond Going Long

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Set up game machines - for fun, racing and fighting

Set up game machines – for fun, racing and fighting

farming simulator 22
For some, an incomprehensible simulation, for others, complete relaxation in the role of a modern peasant. You build your farm in three European and American environments. Grow crops (wheat, corn, potatoes, cotton…) and livestock and you can also experience forests in the changing seasons. Where else can you ride dozens of good farm machines without getting up without getting up early?

Platform: PC, Xbox One S / Xbox One X, Xbox Series X.
Available from: 22.11. 2021
Peggy: 3

Forza Horizon 5
Have you ever worn winter tires? Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with it here. Only the fun of racing and adventure behind the wheel awaits you. Explore the vibrant and ever-evolving open-world country of Mexico on four wheels. You will drive hundreds of the most amazing cars in the world through deserts, jungles, ancient towns, monuments, beaches, canyons and many more natural beauties. The campaign contains hundreds of challenges in which you will meet new characters and affect the outcome of the mission. The right atmosphere for riding is also provoked by the changing weather. Buckle up, wild game and la viva la Mexico begin!

Platform: PC, Xbox One S / Xbox One X, Xbox Series X.
Available from: 9.11. 2021
Peggy: 3

Battlefield 2042

One of the most anticipated action games of the year is on hand. a story? In the year 2042, extreme weather events and resource struggles alter the global balance of power. The United States and Russia are on the brink of war, while throngs of veterans form independent groups known as task forces. The fight for the future begins. The next generation of total war is waiting for the passionate players, as the battlefields change dynamically, you will find help from your team and with different weapons. With support for 128 players, you will enjoy the event in a wide variety of environments. The developers have announced updated multiplayer modes – Conquest, Breakthrough and Battlefieldâ„¢ Hazard zone. Seven massive maps evoke an amazing combat gaming experience for both pedestrians and vehicles. You can exercise your combat creativity by choosing from a list of the best weapons, vehicles, jets, helicopters and new equipment inspired by the near future of 2042. You can also choose your role on the battlefield, creating teams from a new system of specialists that have one special feature (example: sniper With a drone, a shooter with a hook on a rope…). Warm your fingers, it becomes hard.

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Platform: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
Available from: 19.11. 2021
Peggy: 16

Evening game tips:

Autumn is dry, it’s evening mood
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