October 22, 2021

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Scrabble – Elizabeth II’s favorite pastime. Man – science and technology

The firing of architect Alfred Mosher Potts during the great economic crisis in the United States stopped at the birth of the Scrabble, which was enjoyed by members of the British royal family.


Scrabble is sold in more than 30 languages ​​and has so far sold more than 150 million worldwide.

Architect Alfred Mosher Potts was fired during the great economic crisis in the USA with the birth of one of the most popular board games, enjoyed by members of the British royal family, the actor Mel Gibson or, for example, the singer. Garrick Nohavica.

Potts loved the game, but he didn’t like dice because it was about luck, and he thought chess was a challenge to the average person. And so he came up with Scrabble, which he must think about and chance plays a role as well. For a long time, however, he could not penetrate his idea. The game went on sale 70 years ago, on December 16, 1948, and is now sold in more than 30 languages.

Potts (1899-1993) came from Poughkeepsie, New York. His first invention was the Lexic game, in which players (similar to the later game Scrabble) got the number of points in proportion to the length and complexity of the word they had created. Lexic was played without a board.

He based the recording of individual letters on the frequency of their occurrence in the plain text, which was used by articles in the New York Times.

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Bots then unsuccessfully applied for a patent and offered the game to several game makers, who also rejected it. However, the inventor and enthusiast player who produced the game himself could not be discouraged. At the end of the 30s of the last century, he added a game board to the letters, in which words were connected according to the principle of a crossword puzzle. The lexicon became Criss-Cross and later Criss-Cross Words, which still could not reach the market, and Potts returned to his career as an architect for some time.

In the end, he did not give up and turned to his friend James Pronott for help. Bruno was a passionate previous gamer from Boots Workshop, which eventually allowed Bruno to produce the game. He improved it further, patenting it at the beginning of December, and in the middle of December 1948, the game Scrabble, as Pronot called it, appeared on the market.

Scrabble was then not fully marketed as the patent changed owners who merged or went bankrupt, and Scrabble is currently being produced and sold by two giants, Mattel and Hasbro.

Today, the classic word game based on the principle of creating a crossword puzzle is for two to four players, who must make better use of the seven randomly drawn letters to create words on the game board. The words must follow the previously placed words as in the crossword puzzle, and for each letter used, the player will get a number of points appropriate for the number of occurrences of the letter in the Slovak language. In addition, some fields in the plan have a point feature. During the game, players take more stones with letters from their pockets and the player with the most points wins.

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Scrabble is now sold in over 30 languages ​​and has sold more than 150 million worldwide. According to statistics, only in the USA belong to the equipment of every third house.

There are tens of thousands of Scrabble clubs in the world, world championships, and many other national and league championships, and according to Hasbro, 30,000 Scrabble games are played every hour around the world.

Due to its popularity and public reputation, the game often appears in popular culture references. She was seen, for example, in the popular TV series Sopranos and The Simpsons and in the movie Rosemary has a baby.