January 24, 2022

Beyond Going Long

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Scientists suggest the possibility of cooling the Earth, manipulating clouds

Scientists’ ship methods have inspired an innovative approach to cooling our planet. They want to use geoengineering and manipulation of clouds over the oceans to lower the Earth’s overall temperature, even without toxins and greenhouse gases. Informuje interesting geometry.

Pale clouds over the oceans

Scientists from the University of Washington’s Palo Alto Research Center, in collaboration with a team from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, have come up with an innovative solution to climate change. Scientists are particularly interested in illuminating low ocean clouds by artificially modifying the amount of natural aerosols.


At the same time, they were inspired by ships leaving faint clouds with their emissions. In these, a natural effect is created that cools the atmosphere. Of course, this does not mean that we will now begin to emit more dangerous emissions and greenhouse gases from ships, Futurism writes.

On the contrary, scientists now want to achieve this effect without them. At the same time, they highlight the many advantages of such a solution. The system uses easily accessible sea water to generate the necessary particles and the process can be done from land (from water), making it much easier than Bill Gates’ idea of ​​releasing a huge amount of chalk dust into the stratosphere.


Simulations are in progress

Teams are currently simulating these processes and creating models to better predict potential outcomes and risks. Scientists are also working on developing a system that can spray large amounts of particles at the right size and concentration into the air.

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The project is awaiting several stages to verify its effectiveness, safety and feasibility in general, under the strict supervision of the relevant authorities. The team is convinced that if the project can be launched, they will delay the climate catastrophe and give humanity more time to deal with it. Of course, they will not completely solve it.

Defeating it completely requires more complex systems and projects. However, many nowadays are only interested in delaying it. In addition to Gates’ crazy idea, there is a plan between them Elona Muska, who donates up to 100 million to the best projects to eliminate greenhouse gases American dollar. Iceland started just a few days ago A system that extracts tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.


Of course, there are also plans that directly reduce our impact on the climate. In addition to the massive shift to electric cars, an increasing amount of electricity has begun to be produced using renewable sources. However, so far we are progressing so slowly in this area that our fight against climate catastrophe seems really futile.