November 28, 2021

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Scientists suffer from “cannibal” solar storms that could destroy the Internet

Over the next four years, the activity of our Sun will gradually increase. Astronomers predict this could lead to ‘cannibals’ solar storms, writes the portal independent.

The sun begins a new cycle and its activity is supposed to reach its peak around 2025. The increased activity of the sun has been proven in the past few weeks, during which several geomagnetic storms hit our planet. One of the biggest storms that hit our planet during Halloween, October 31.

With increased solar activity, many storms enter space. Sometimes it happens A faster storm beats a slower storm and merges together.

“The first storm will cover a distance of 150 million kilometers and will give way to another storm. The next storm is moving faster and can engulf the first storm. We refer to this phenomenon as ‘cannibalism,'” says Bill Mortag, coordinator of the Center for Space Weather Forecasting.

In order to predict space weather, scientists use a probe called the Deep Space Climate Observatory. It is located 1.6 million km from the Earth towards the Sun. Scientists know that if a solar storm hits this probe It will strike our planet in about 30 minutes.

Internet in danger?

It is very important to anticipate solar storms because they can pose a threat to our satellites and the power grid. However, in most cases, this is a risk that experts can handle. Scientists have already encountered hundreds of solar storms, and the risks have always been managed. They see the problem in so-called “cannibal” solar storms. Their impact can be more serious than in the case of regular storms.

“So-called cannibal storms are the worst case scenario we could have. Solar storms are not a problem in themselves, but if one or three storms come together, we face a slew of unknowns,” Murtag explains.

In the worst-case scenario Murtagg talks about, a solar storm could be very dangerous, It will cause the Online Apocalypse. If such a scenario occurs, electrical cables or satellites that support the GPS network can be damaged. According to experts, we cannot currently say how resilient our infrastructure will be.

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Coronal outbursts of matter, and thus solar storms, occur in the sun’s active regions, near sunspots. If a large number of spots appear on the surface of our star, the risk of a strong solar storm is higher. Scientists are waiting for confirmation of this claim, but if so, the chances of encountering a major solar storm this decade will increase dramatically.

Huge solar storms have hit Earth in the past, but at the time, electricity wasn’t key to our survival. In the last century, the Earth was exposed to one of the biggest solar storms. That caused fires on telegraph poles in several parts of the world.

So scientists warn that such events should be a wake-up call for humanity. If a similar solar storm hit us today, The damage will be immeasurably higher.

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