January 16, 2022

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Scandals and vaccines.  What did he give us and take away in 2021?  (vote)

Scandals and vaccines. What did he give us and take away in 2021? (vote)

The year 2021 is coming to an end, and at the end of it we will evaluate everything, whether positive or negative, that has brought about. We have asked analysts, associations, associations, and institutions what changes in their field have been desirable over the past year and which they consider inappropriate.

1. What are the benefits of 2021 in your business, research, field or industry?

2. What negatives have affected your department, work or research this year?

Martin Lidaj, CEO of Business Alliance in Slovakia

1. It is positive that despite the challenging year, the companies managed to survive, many of them and their innovations grew. In 2021, PAS implemented a project focused on links and collaboration between entrepreneurs and local government. It’s not ideal in many towns and villages, so we want to continue this activity. Through our surveys and communicating the outputs to the government, parliament and state institutions, we have tried to contribute to improving the business environment.

2. There may not be an area that has not been marked by the COVID-19 pandemic. Restrictions on trade and services led to a decrease in the sales of a large number of entrepreneurs, and the liquidation of many of them. In our surveys, entrepreneurs complained most about the opacity of anti-epidemic measures and weak state support. More than half do not understand pandemic control measures. We are aware of the constantly changing conditions, the transfer of responsibilities from the state to entrepreneurs and the financial burden on companies very negatively. We are also passively aware of the lack of fundamental tax reform, which, unlike the “tax revolution” introduced, would help businesses recover. Any decision, prohibition or regulation issued by the state that restricts the entrepreneur in his activities and the income opportunities he enjoys must be adequately compensated by the state.

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Mate Horek, analyst at Slovenská sporiteľňa

1. I think there will be a big positive change in 2021 compared to the previous changes

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