December 9, 2021

Beyond Going Long

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Satan has also stripped the ability to be ashamed of many (events of the week).

Satan has also stripped the ability to be ashamed of many (events of the week).

Evita Radićova, former Prime Minister

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The diplomas were unveiled by the Stop Corruption Foundation. The scope and method of working with diplomas, defrauding thousands of students, but also academics, and defrauding many agencies is another massive evidence of how theft has become the norm in our society. For a large number of students, academics and business people, writing a turnkey diploma is a good thing. What type of higher education are we talking about here? A student who has not written his diploma thesis does not have a qualification in a particular field and does not receive a diploma. The academic who helped him gain experience through fraud is immediately expelled from the school. The accreditation of the study program in which the fraud occurred must be revoked immediately. Maybe we have an accrediting agency for that. Violation of the norm is the cause of major interventions and solutions. However, it has unnaturally become the norm in our country. Fraud 15% of students and academics will destroy the already distorted image of our universities. We will include a lot of new papers for free to address the internal quality of the universities according to the new accreditation. The newspaper could withstand everything and the bureaucracy never solved anything. There is nothing to prevent schools from having internal functional mechanisms, regulations, and guidelines to respond promptly and harshly to fraud. They don’t need the law to do that. In fact, they need us. So in the end anyone can state that the act did not happen. Because deception and fraud still pay off for many in our country – in politics, business, education, or in allocating state aid in times of crisis. In our country, the famous “where nothing is not taken by the devil” does not apply. The devil has taken on morals and, for many, the ability to feel shame. But even high-ranking politicians have completely lost their shame, so what can you expect from others.

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Representative Fico doubles his zeal to create chaos, defend the indefensible, discredit corruption investigations, and provoke outrage and attacks. It is a typical representative of the “politics of anger” that finds a response with some voters in times of uncertainty. The more his people admitted to corruption, the more aggressive and aggressive he was. Allocating millions of government aid to mailbox companies only adds to his success.

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