January 28, 2022

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Samsung has merged two divisions, including three CEOs.  What's going on at Samsung?

Samsung has merged two divisions, including three CEOs. What’s going on at Samsung?

South Korea Samsung Announced huge management changes to Samsung Electronics Co.Ltd. The company, which we know in Slovakia as a manufacturer of everything we usually use at home, has so far had three divisions. After the new one, it will only have two, with the two smaller ones merging into one.

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Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. To date, it consists of three divisions – Hardware Solutions, Consumer Electronics, Information Technology, and Mobile Communications. However, the South Korean manufacturer will combine the last two divisions into one – the SET division. These are the two smaller divisions, at least in terms of revenue. It is one of the largest companies in the world. Samsung is a leading seller of smartphones and televisions.

Department electronics consumers It produces not only televisions, home theaters, audio and video products, but also white electronic products. In addition, it is also engaged in the production of medical equipment.

Department Information and mobile technology He is responsible for the development and production of portable devices. We include not only smartphones and simple mobile phones in this category, but also smart watches, bracelets, tablets, hybrid devices or laptops, as well as network items.

The largest section is device solutions, which develops and manufactures everything about semiconductors, including chipsets for mobile devices and sensors for cameras.

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The new SET division will be handled by Jong-Hee (JH) Han, the current Director of Visual Displays in the Consumer Electronics Division. This has led visual displays so well over the past fifteen years that Samsung has been a unit in television production. Han’s expectations are very high. Its purpose is to increase the synergy between the combined departments.

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In translation, it can be understood that JH Han has come up with a solution to connect the world of mobile devices with the world of home electronics more clearly. Samsung has excellent prospects for this, but it is not very successful in the field of IoT (SmartThings) and its voice assistant Bixby is not a leader in this field.

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Interestingly enough, JH Han will be in three chairs at once. In addition to the co-CEO of Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, he will also be the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and will continue to lead the visual display division.

To date, the company has had three co-CEOs, and after the new one it will have only two. The second co-CEO of the hardware solutions division will be Kyehyun Kyung, the current CEO of Samsung Electro-Mechanics.

It is interesting that the Samsung Group, the parent company of Samsung Electronics Co.Ltd, has several other companies named Samsung in the logo:

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Samsung electro mechanics
Samsung SD
Samsung SDS
Samsung Engineering
Samsung C&T
Samsung Heavy Industries
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Samsung Fire and Fire Insurance
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