January 29, 2022

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Samsung and IBM are working on vertical transistors

Samsung and IBM are working on vertical transistors

Both companies are working on transistors that will be smaller than 1 nanometer.

Next year (2022), the Taiwanese company TSMC will start producing processors with large 3nm transistors, which will first appear in premium smartphone processors. But research and development continues beyond the smaller transistors, as with two tech companies – IBM and Samsung, which announced some progress at the IEDM event in San Francisco. More precisely, it is a new design of vertical transistors.

Currently, transistors in semiconductor components are placed perpendicular to the surface of the silicon wafer, while the current in transistors also follows the direction of their installation. In contrast, vertical transmission field-effect transistors (VTFETs) are placed vertically in the semiconductor device and current flows vertically.

Samsung and IBM also claim that this design will extend Moore’s Law beyond one nanometer and beyond performance limits. At the same time, the new design aims to help reduce energy waste and contribute to an increase in current flow. Processors manufactured using VTFET technology should deliver up to a two-fold increase in performance, with an energy savings of 85 percent, compared to currently used FinFET technology. Both companies say that thanks to the new production technology, smartphones can last up to a week on a single charge.

It is not yet known when the new design will go into production, but they are not the only companies that want to break the 1 nm limit. Processor maker Intel is also working hard to hit that target, with the introduction expected in 2024. Intel wants to make headway with the Intel A20 node and RibbonFET transistors.

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