January 28, 2022

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Russian troops of the ODKB expedition moving from Kazakhstan: the first planes landed

Russian troops of the ODKB expedition moving from Kazakhstan: the first planes landed

Several Russian paratroopers who were sent to Kazakhstan as part of the mission of the Collective Security Organization (ODKB) returned to Russia on Saturday. It was reported by TASS, referring to the Russian Defense Ministry.

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced, on Saturday, that the airport in the city of Ivanovo, northeast of Moscow On Saturday, ten planes carrying Russian paratroopers who took part in the ODKB mission landed in Kazakhstan. Six more An-124 Ruslan and Il-76 also landed at the Chkalovsky military airfield in the Moscow region.

Soldiers who arrived from Kazakhstan are waiting at both airports “a festive event to welcome the paratroopers, who performed all the tasks assigned to them with great professionalism.”

And after the solemn assembly, the staff will head to the permanent deployment sites.” Provides for the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said after an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday that the return of ODKB troops from Kazakhstan will end on January 19, Interfax reported.

The ODKB troops were sent to Kazakhstan at the request of the local head Kasyma-Zhomart Tokajayev and in accordance with the decision of the ODKB Council of January 6. The group included units of the armed forces of Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.

The main task of the units participating in the mission was to take charge of the protection of the main strategic goals and to help stabilize and normalize the situation in the country.

Sharpening in Kazakhstan after the New Year, when Initially peaceful protests against rising fuel prices escalated into riots and clashes with security forces. Tokayev then summoned the government, took command of the State Security Council, and declared a state of emergency.

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According to Tokayev, 2030 “peacekeeping forces” and 250 pieces of equipment arrived in Kazakhstan as part of the ODKB mission. However, the Kazakh opposition calls the mission an invasion, and many fear that Moscow will use it to bolster its influence in Kazakhstan, according to AFP.