November 30, 2021

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Russian police arrested two Italians. Promote a movie about the dictatorship in the center of Moscow

An Italian couple came to Russia to screen the film at a Russian-Italian film festival.

Two Italian directors who came to Russia to screen their film about the dictatorship were arrested Thursday after they put up promotional posters near the Kremlin in central Moscow. The police then arrested them and charged them with individual protest. The news site reported this with reference to the Baza news channel accessible in the Telegram network.

Maurizio Paganelli and Andrea Ricipotti produced another Italian film (Est Dittatura) about the dictatorship in the Soviet bloc during the Cold War. The film is based on the story of three friends who traveled to Eastern Europe after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Paganelli and Riceputi, who visited Eastern Europe, became the prototypes of the two main characters.

The Italian couple arrived in Russia to screen the film at the RIFF Russian-Italian Film Festival, with screenings in Moscow on Friday and in Novosibirsk on November 21.

According to, Paganelli and Riceputi wanted to promote their film personally and personally, so they went to Manege Square near the Kremlin with posters. The police questioned their actions, detained them and took them to the nearest police station for an explanation.

By law, a protest of one person can be held in Russia without official permission, and it is often used by current opponents of the government when they meet and take turns in a certain place with a poster or banner in hand. However, often the police will intervene if a number of people are formed waiting to join the protest. This summer, after one such police intervention, Russian media reported that, according to the Russian police, an individual’s protest could be “a hidden form of mass public gathering.”

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