December 2, 2021

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Russian gas supplies to Germany through Jamal stopped again

Russian gas deliveries to Germany through the Jamal gas pipeline stopped again Saturday morning, according to data from German gas network operator Gaskad.

The gas pipeline, which runs from Russia through Poland to Germany, is operating in reverse again, as it has done for most of this week. This means that the gas flows from west to east.

Gascad data showed that the Malno terminal, near the Polish border and using gas from Jamal, stopped sending gas from Poland to Germany on Saturday morning. Instead, the gas now flows from Germany to Poland.

Jamal began work in reverse mode last Saturday (October 30), which lasted until Thursday (November 4), when supplies to Germany resumed, although well below the pipeline’s capacity. This week, the price of the European Gas Reference contract on the Dutch stock exchange rose by up to 23% compared to its closing price on Friday (October 29).

Criticism of Russia’s speech

Some European politicians claim that Russia is deliberately not increasing gas supplies to Europe. In this way, they say they are pushing Germany and the European Union to agree to operate the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, which will transport gas directly from Russia to Germany.

Russian gas export company Gazprom PJSC denies This matter and repeatedly claims that it is fulfilling its contractual obligations, which was also confirmed by companies in Poland and Germany contacted by Bloomberg.

Russia has promised to start sending more gas to Europe when it completes refilling domestic reservoirs, which should happen by Monday (November 8).

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