January 16, 2022

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Russian gas does not flow west through Yamal for the fourth day

Russian gas does not flow west through Yamal for the fourth day

The reversal of transit in the Jamal pipeline is increasing pressure on European gas prices.

Moscow. The Yamal pipeline, which traditionally transports Russian gas through Poland to Western Europe, continues to operate in reverse mode.

Friday is the fourth day gas has flowed from Germany to Poland, data from German network operator Gascade showed.

The transit shift in the Jamal pipeline is putting more pressure on European gas prices, which hit new record levels this week.

Russia claims that reversing the gas flow is not a political move, although it coincides with rising tensions between Moscow and the West for Ukraine. Russian President Russian President Vladimir Putin He stated on Thursday (December 23) that the reason for the reverse flow is the lack of requirements from customers.

European gas prices are expected to fall slightly as a portion of the LNG supply shifted from Asia to Europe to attract prices.

Friday’s transport capacity auction results showed that Gazprom, which has a pipeline export monopoly on Russian gas, did not retain any transit capacity for exports via Jamal on Dec. 24.

According to data from the Malno metering station, located on the Polish-German border, gas is flowing through the Jamal gas pipeline in the direction from Germany to Poland at a rate of about 1.218 million kilowatt-hours on Friday, Gaskad said. It is expected to remain at this level throughout the day.

Data from Slovak gas company Eustream showed that capacities reserved for transporting Russian gas from Ukraine through the Veľké Kapušany point on Friday reached 739,843 megawatt-hours (MWh) after Thursday’s 785,160 megawatt-hours.

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This decrease was offset by an increase in capacity reserved for transit from the Czech Republic to Slovakia, which means that the capacity reserved for transport to Austrian Baumgarten is the same as yesterday.