January 28, 2022

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Russia has a negative view of negotiations with the United States and NATO

Russia has a negative view of negotiations with the United States and NATO

January 13, 2022 at 1:42 pm I Updated at 14:29

Stakeholders disagree on the core issues.

Moscow. The Kremlin assessed security talks between Russia, the United States and NATO on Thursday.

Reuters and TASS reported that he described them as failures, saying that the two sides did not agree on core issues.

“Negotiations have started in order to get specific answers to the specific basic questions raised, and we have noted the differences. These are bad, and can only be considered minus the two (negotiations) that have already taken place,” the spokesman said. Kremlin Dmitry Peskov said.

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They don’t like sanctions against Putin

Its spokesperson on Thursday also praised Wednesday’s proposal by US Democratic officials to respond to Russia in the event of its invasion of Ukraine, which would include sanctions against the Russian president. Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“The imposition of sanctions on the head of state and the president of Russia – I repeat – is a measure that crosses the line and can be compared to the breakdown of relations,” Peskov said. He added that it looked like an attempt to put pressure on Moscow.

Negotiations between Russia, the United States and NATO are taking place due to fears of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. Moscow is demanding broad security guarantees from the United States and NATO, including that the alliance will not expand to include Ukraine. But the United States and its allies have threatened Russia with severe sanctions if it attacks it, according to Agence France-Presse.

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Ryabkov sees no progress

Russia sees no reason to hold a new round of talks with the West in the coming days, after the lack of progress in previous negotiations on security guarantees. This was announced Thursday by Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, AFP reported.

“I don’t see any reason why in the next few days we should sit down together, meet again and start the same discussions,” Ryabkov said in an interview with RTVI.

Western counterparts accused them of lacking any “flexibility” to negotiate “serious issues”.

At the same time, according to the Associated Press, Ryabkov warned that in the event of an increase in tensions with the United States, the deployment of Russian military infrastructure in the United States could not be ruled out. Glass And in Venezuela.