January 21, 2022

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RTVS Sport will start today: what will you be broadcasting, where will you notice the station and its budget

RTVS Sport will start today: what will you be broadcasting, where will you notice the station and its budget

New Circuit TV is available for free. He promises that he has enough content.

Today, Radio and Television Slovakia has expanded its offer with the sports program Šport. The broadcast started today at 5 pm and from the beginning The station can be set by a large number of spectators.

The broadcaster is renewing the draft sports program after more than ten years – the sports troika originally stopped broadcasting in 2011 due to lack of funds.

We also deal extensively with the subject in the editorial office. We bring you all the important topics related to the new station.

RTVS Šport launched broadcasts today:

Slovak athletes or the Olympic Games

The Olympic Games will be broadcast in Beijing, the Ice Hockey World Championships in Finland, the FIFA World Championships in Qatar, the Ski World Cup with Petra Velhova, several cycling races with Peter Sagan, and the Biathlon World Cup with the Vialk sisters in Sport. The WTA Tour, European and European Conference Tournaments, League of Nations, Tepos Extraliga, U-20 World Championships and the role of France will also be broadcast.

RTVS for sports station Also gained highlighting rights To the Champions League, La Liga, Bundesliga and Serie A, broadcasting 83 magazines from the Champions League, 95 magazines from La Liga as well as 95 magazines from Serie A and 85 magazines from the German League. The remaining three competitions will also be a highlight – albeit in magazine form.

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Sports such as futsal, handball, volleyball, basketball, swimming, gymnastics, figure skating, water polo and more are also scheduled to appear on the air. RTVS Sport will be broadcasting non-stop and TV mentions that it will also bring dynamic sports news. During the day, he wants to give an overview of current events.

For all operators

The channel will be available in HD quality in terrestrial DVB-T broadcasts from the very beginning, up to twice – in different image compression standards. It will be distributed in general multiplexing (software package) in the MPEG-4 codec and in multiplexing 1 also in the modern HEVC codec.

RTV S Sport

Source: editorial office

It will also appear on the show operators Telekom, Orange, UPC, Skylink, Digi Slovakia, Antik, Satro, Swan, freeSAT, DSi Data, Better TV, O2 TV, Kuki TV, Isper, Sledovanie TV, Martico and others. All operators will add a station in HD, except for freeSAT, which will be in SD quality.

If you are interested in what packages the new terminal will be in, you can find information in a separate article:

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The station will also be available on the web – in Full HD quality and for free. However, it will only be possible to watch broadcasts from Slovakia.

The annual budget is 11 million euros

We also talked about the plans and future of the sports program with RTVS Head of Sports, Matej Hajjek.

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He said there was no need to worry that the Fourth District would have nothing to broadcast. He describes that the sports channel will become a permanent part of the group of public service broadcasters. The annual budget of the plant in 2022 is at the level of 11 million euros.

He also talked about how much content the sport will offer, how the station’s funding will be resolved, what the station’s annual budget will be, that it doesn’t want to compete with JOJ Sport, and the content it wants to apply for:

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There have been changes in DVB-T

Because of the start of the sport The terrestrial broadcast has changed When stations multiply. A week ago, the distribution of stations in the older MPEG-2 video codec was discontinued.

The main reason Beginning of the fourth session of the program, a sport that would also be broadcast via antenna in HD quality – the organization needed to gain new capacity for it.

We talked about changes to the ground distribution with RTVS Technology Division Director, Roman Skřivánek. He said that Sports in SD quality via the antenna was not planning to add:

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