October 22, 2021

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Ronald training is worth looking for

22.9.2021 07:30

Long live Slovakia with the return of Martin Ackertel to our stadiums, the world with the return of Christian Ronald to Manchester United. I must admit that they both pleased me with their decision. Since Stano Šesták focuses on our character in the direct speech department, I will appear in the Portuguese star in the following lines.

Sure, Cristiano received offers from the richest clubs (City, Paris Saint-Germain), but he chose the team that helped him in his career. rose in my eyes. We all had fun with United while he was starting his football career there. It’s nice when clubs win with such legends. I love it as well as the fact that it confirms its phenomenal quality when it comes back. He’s scored in each of the three games so far, he’s very useful for the team.

He is 36 years old and proves that age is only his number. Throughout his career, they have compared Ronald with Messi, and in this respect the Portuguese seems to dominate. Still able to set up first class. I read that former colleague Patrice Evra does not recommend visiting Ronald with some humor. He will greet you with a salad and invite you to train together. Instead, he will offer the services of physiotherapists and masseuses. this is funy!

It might be funny to someone, but it says a lot about them. He has been doing everything in his career to be successful. Then even after 36 years, you can be a star. His training is well worth the search. It would be amazing if, at the end of his career, he would reveal all the secrets of his coaching.

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In this context, however, an equally important aspect of Ronald’s success must be added. He is of course very talented. Talent alone is not enough at the highest level. Also, you can’t get to the top with diligence. I met many players who lack one of these much needed components. You can put up with a lot, but not everything. And you can just waste talent without hard work. In any case, I repeat, it would be great if Cristiano could take his knowledge and experience even further, and leave him an exceptional following.

I’m Ronald’s peer and that’s why I appreciate his constant thirst for victories. He has a great liking. It is difficult for many footballers to find a new motivation at his age. This does not seem to be true for him. In doing so, he won everything he could. His ego is still asking him to be the best and it’s unbelievable that he’s doing so well.

Ronald’s contribution to Manchester United could be huge. The club is gradually moving to return to a bit of lost fame. The mighty robot was carved out by trainer Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, creator of the progressive ‘demons’.

In addition to Ronald, excellent French tracker Varane, who has had huge success at Real Madrid, also joined the squad over the past summer. These stars supplemented the already strong team with characters like Pogba or De Gea. Why can’t United fight for the title this season despite the huge competition? Ronaldo writes another beautiful story…

In recent decades, we are used to the fact that football does not have a single king. Cristiano was constantly competing with Lionel Messi for the honor of the best player on the planet. Personally, I was more inclined to the Argentine. From afar, I found it to be less self-centred, which impressed me.

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Today I must admit that Ronaldo sympathizes with me more and more. The way you have expanded your career is exceptional. What he still boasts on the lawn is amazing. And how it has adapted to the trends is impressive. She may not be as fast as in the past, but she still amazes with her technique and physique. He is a complex footballer who deserves great respect from all over the world.