January 21, 2022

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Rimavskospot deputies adopted next year's budget

Rimavskospot deputies adopted next year’s budget

Rimavska Sobota – The city of Rimavska Sobota has an approved budget for the next year. So it will not go to the temporary budget as it was last year. City representatives decided this at their last meeting (December 21).

The city’s total revenue is estimated at €21,589.084, expenditure at €21,586,865 and a surplus of €2,219. “The capital budget is classified as a deficit of – €1643,155. Capital revenue is budgeted at €104,600 and expenditure at €2689,158.” Results from the approved budget. The city also proposed using money from the Reserve Fund, the 2020 surplus and accepting a loan of around 878,000 euros to finance capital expenditures.

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In terms of capital expenditures, the budget includes items such as 146 thousand euros for the reconstruction of the funeral home, lighting and fencing in the cemetery, 10 thousand euros for the expansion of the city’s camera system from the inside, the possibility of connecting additional cameras or 200 thousand euros for the reconstruction of kindergarten buildings.

For kindergarten, the city will use unspent funds from 2021 to rehabilitate and restore building structures and create waterproofing around Dobšinský Kindergarten (approximately 12 thousand euros), about 33 thousand euros will be allocated to kindergarten projects and 60 thousand euros to co-financing. .

In the table you will find the distribution of capital expenditures for primary schools:

Source: Draft Approved Budget 2022, City of Rimavska Sobota.

The budget also provides for a possible co-financing of the project to rebuild the theater hall at the Cultural House, in the amount of 5-10 per cent (€20,000). The cost of rebuilding the roof of the winter stadium should amount to 20 thousand euros and another 20 thousand euros in unspent funds for 2021 for fire prevention measures.

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93 thousand euros should go to the implementation of sanitation in Tomashova. This is a transfer of unspent funds from 2021.

A total of about 936 thousand euros should go for road transport. At the end of last year, the city received a subsidy for the construction of a sidewalk from Hostinského Street to residential Dúžava in the amount of approximately 494 thousand euros, while the total eligible expenditures for the project amounted to about 520 thousand euros. The city is co-financing the project at 5 percent, or about 26,000 euros.

Other investments:

  • Bike Track II. Stage – Sídlisko Západ (ZŠ) – Ul. Hostinsk – 30,000 Euro – Detail Project documentation for the construction of the Course Track II. Stage – Sídlisko Západ – Ul. P. Hostinsk
  • Project documents for the car park, Sídlisko Západ ul. Rimavska, €20,000
  • Parking lot West ul. Rimavská 150,000 euros – construction of a parking lot
  • Pier project documentation, Nižná Pokoradz, €2,000. This is a transfer of unspent funds from 2021.
  • The sidewalk on the Mujahideen. Sedliacka, reconstruction €174,176 – Reconstruction of the pier on ul. Gorky in a narrower profile. This is partly a transfer of unspent funds from 2021.

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Another €50,000 will be used to document IBV Sobôtka III engineering network projects. The stage.

In the subprogramme for the development of city and city districts, we find capital expenditures, such as 4 thousand euros to document the project for the remaining area of ​​​​Hostenskiho Street, 30 thousand euros for its construction, 96 thousand euros to document the project for social services home in the former boarding school in the Mujahideen. The school, approximately 27 thousand euros for co-financing projects (unspent funds this year) and 130 thousand euros this year for the revival of the Namibia fountain. with. M. Daxner. Approximately €21,000 will go to rebuilding the roof of the former Gemer building – this is a transfer of unspent funds from 2021.

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