December 2, 2021

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Ridley Scott blames Last Duel of Millennials and their smartphones for box office failure

Ridley Scott blames Last Duel of Millennials and their smartphones for box office failure

With a budget of over $100 million, The Last Duel didn’t make $30 million in theaters.



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Source: Disney / Fox

The famous director spoke to Marco Marron on his WTF podcast about several films not only from his career. There was also talk of The Last Duel, a great historical drama that became one of the biggest losers of the year.

It reportedly cost over $100 million to film, with the film grossing less than $30 million worldwide (the studio saw less than $15 million of it, with global revenue going to studios around). 35 – 40% of sales). Who blames Scott for this fiasco? Millennials and their smartphones.

“It’s about the audience we have here today. ‘Viewers who use smartphones, millennials who don’t want to learn anything that smartphones don’t tell them.’” This is correctAt least in the USA, older spectators in particular went to the cinema for The Last Duel, which is very unfortunate. in review We wrote that this is an excellent movie that definitely needs to be seen. Scott filmed an original historical drama with a great cast.

Many theaters today are only looking for massive and simple entertainment, so such theaters do not stand a good chance of success, although they are made by big names in Hollywood and can count on a solid promotion campaign and positive reviews.

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We’ll see how Scott performs this week, when his next movie, House of Gucci, comes out with Lady Gaga, Al Pacino, Adam Driver and many more. You will learn more about it is yours.

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