January 29, 2022

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Review: This is America full of racists, thieves, murderers, and ideological leaders.  And it's really fun animation

Review: This is America full of racists, thieves, murderers, and ideological leaders. And it’s really fun animation

Since the announcement of America: The Motion Picture, we’ve been expecting an entertaining animator with plenty of humor, an original story, and well-written characters. We’ve got a few.

The film is an alternative reconstruction of the famous history of the USA, mainly focusing on the struggle for independence of the American colonies under British rule. However, the US Declaration of Independence did not go smoothly in this version of history.

Benedict Arnold disrupted the meeting with the rebels and killed everyone like a werewolf. Abraham Lincoln is then killed and George Washington decides to take revenge on his best friend and become America’s first president. A few famous historical figures, including Thomas Edison.

So it is already clear to you that the years are not very good (among other things) and that in this film you can absolutely not be guided by reality or historical accuracy. The film makers do what they want in the movie, and they do it mostly in the form of parodies built into the story.

The story itself is nothing special. This is a parody of aggressive Americans trying to submit to British rule (of course, the creators also mock them, albeit in a somewhat vulgar way over their famous tea) – and that’s the whole story.

The animator has an hour and a half, so he goes full saw almost all of the time. You certainly won’t get bored, but you may be a bit lost at first, as the creators throw names of historical characters and events at you, so if you’re not familiar with American history, you won’t understand all the jokes and insinuations and that’s definitely a shame because some of them are really successful.

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Source: Netflix

Some jokes are weaker, but this does not bother you at all, as the creators try to entertain you in almost every scene (and they usually succeed). Whether it’s a vague innuendo or socio-political commentary, a visual gag (a desert motorcycle was pretty cool), funny dialogues, or parodies of famous brands, we laughed a few times during the movie, so the creators decided the shooting got off the charts. Really funny animation. So we give the humor two thumbs up.

The lack of a well-thought-out and interesting story does not bother us too much. He was simply good and achieved his goal by combining characters and making room for sims like Fast and Furious, Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, Avengers, and many more. The characters were an important part of the movie. These are very diverse in both appearance and character. However, we did not understand a little why Thomas Alva Edison was a woman in this version.

We prefer that the creators focus on the real women, but these are just the details. We enjoyed George Washington with chainsaws instead of swords as well as Jason Mantzoukas as Samuel Adams (Uncle Sam). Mantzoukas has an unmistakable voice that you’ll instantly recognize, and the role of a psychotic American with a passion for murder adds incredible tones.

Source: Netflix

We also liked the animation style, which culminates in a great action sequence at the end. It makes absolutely no sense and conveys a pop culture message, one joke after another. In fact, you don’t have time to think through the entire shots. After the first minutes filled with story explanations and alternate history, you can turn your mind off and let yourself be away from the weird funny scenes.

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However, in order for the movie to be more distinctive and expressive, it needed a much better story and more original characters. In the end, he didn’t use his full potential and instead of the original science fiction illustrator about alternative history, he’s an animator full of entertaining parodies and great acting performances. So it just depends on what you expect from him and what he has to offer you.

Source: Netflix

If it’s fun, humorous, and a decent technical side, you’ll be happy. However, if you are expecting a deep story and elaborate characters, you will be disappointed. We are somewhere in between, but first of all we were looking forward to a good comedy and we got it, so with narrow eyes we give Seven points out of ten.

Note: Much of the humor and parodies are in reference to the sins of Free America, which built its freedom on the bones of slaves and racial minorities oppressed and abused by Americans. If you are one of those who, for some reason, is not hampered by a discussion of systemic racism in the United States and its authoritarian behavior over the centuries, some scenes will likely poison you. However, others will enjoy the film, including an excellent finale.

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