January 21, 2022

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G_recenzia_uvodny

Review: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, the first foldable smartphone you don’t have to deal with in ‘gloves’

After Samsung launched its first foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Z Fold, nearly two years have passed. At first, the device aroused the admiration of the technological public, but later the phone was accompanied by several diseases. One of the device’s biggest regrets was its fragility. Fortunately, this is a flaw that Samsung has not forgotten, and therefore, the latest Z Fold 3 model is currently pushing the boundaries of foldable smartphones one step further. Both in terms of quality of workmanship and in terms of price.

Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G is more durable than its predecessor

Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G is made of aluminum, which it should be According to the company, 10% more durable than in the case previous generation. It must also be said that the device is about 10 grams lighter. But with the second breath, it is worth noting that with the weight of the device, 271 grams, you will not even notice it. In other words, the smartphone is still a “brick” that is easy to feel in the pants pocket. The dimensions of the smartphone are 67.1 x 158.2 x 16 – 14.4 mm.

While the weight of the device, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 has remained increasingly tough, so in the case of the display, Samsung has taken a significant step forward. The reason is Gorilla Glass Victus with a glass cover, which promises 80% more durability than its predecessor.. We should also add that the build of the device looks very solid and premium. However, I must say that emotionally it seems to me that opening the device with one hand is more difficult than it was with the Z Fold 2. In other words, you will probably open the device more often with both hands. I must also say that when comparing the processing quality of the hinge used to unlock the device, the Z Fold 3 is somewhere quite different from the Z Fold 1 or 2. And I am not afraid to say that it is a Samsung masterpiece.

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Source: Phosphite

Another big change is the device’s IPX8 certificationWhich means that the phone is not afraid of water. Of course, although the certification ensures that the device remains submerged under water pressure, for example under a shower, water may still form in the device. Used to unlock the device Fingerprint Scanner located in the side wall of the device. I should point out that the sensor is possible It is very easy to feel and at the same time, it works in a flash And during testing, it only occurred to me that the device didn’t recognize my finger correctly, except in one or two cases.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3_ Control and unlock buttons
Source: Phosphite

Smartphone screens are a strong point of the device

As usual at Samsung, so is the device It is distinguished by the quality of the display, both internal and external. The presentation of the content is very sharp and lively. I should note that for watching movies or series, the big screen is shown. What will surely please many is that Both screens support a display frequency of 120 HzWhereas in the previous generation, the external monitor had a display frequency of only 60 Hz. I must say that either way, I had the pleasure of looking at the screen. Sometimes I find myself looking at the show “meaningless”, I loved the show by looking at the screens. The smoothness of the screen at 120Hz, combined with the OLED technology that Samsung can offer, is just a luxury. What I still have to capture in the screen is that The “standard screen” felt touch. I mention this mainly because in the case of previous generations, when I touched the screen, it was easy to feel that the screen was not durable and that it could have been drilled with your fingernails.

in addition to, I also commend the smooth transition between screensWhen I was using apps on an external screen and later switched to a larger internal screen. The switching was especially smooth and fluid. However, I must also say that in some applications the external screen is not enough due to the fact that it is very narrow. You will feel this discomfort especially when working with the keyboard, or when reading text, if you have a vision problem. In other words, you can’t avoid unlocking the big screen in specific situations.

As for the internal screen, I should also mention the fold, which is still there and visible. I should also note that when working with an open screen, most of the time I rotate or interact with the screen in the middle part, where there is a fold. In other words, you can’t avoid “folding” and feeling it. However, what I did not like when working with the device is the front camera for selfie. Although it’s built right under the screen, it’s annoyingly backlit so it “catches” my eyes when working with the phone, especially in situations where the screen is white backlit. It must also be said that although the camera is located at the bottom of the screen, it You can still see the lensWhen the entire screen is white, black, or captured by light. Therefore, for me, this solution is not very impressive and personally, if I had an influence on the implementation of this technology, I would not put it on a smartphone.

No need to talk about performance, it’s top notch

In terms of device performance, as well as a smartphone It has a Snapdragon 888 processor which of course does not support 5G technology. Similarly, the smartphone has 12GB of RAM or 512GB of storage space. As a result, the phone is fast in any situation. Whether you are working on the Internet or working with complex software. Samsung has finely tuned the system and hardware so that your commands are executed “on the spot”. The smartphone works great even when working with several applications at the same time. The only place I noticed hesitation at times was switching from one screen to the other. However, about the performance of the device as such, I can not say a single wrong word. Below you can see the performance from the test on the Geekbench platform.

As for the device’s battery, it comes with it 4400 mAh battery. I must say right away that I was afraid that it wasn’t enough. However, my fears were not justified and the smartphone could work for a day, even with heavy use. If you “let the phone lie down”, immediately. You only use it minimally, so I’m not afraid to say you can stay with it for 2 days, if not 3 days. Of course, in this case we are talking about a process that requires few requirements. However, I must point out that Only 25W fast charging support with Z Fold 3 smartphone. This is the value that many cheaper smartphones have. The device took me with a charger with 33W support to charge in just over an hour. Among other things, the device also offers wireless charging or reverse charging technology. You can charge your headphones or smart watches with wireless charging support via your smartphone. For me, in this case, it is a very useful function, which will certainly delight especially active people.

Samsung is betting on the latest software

As for the program, of course Samsung is betting on Android 11 along with the extension One UI 3.5. I have to say that everything is completely optimized to work with a 7.6-inch screen as well as a smaller screen, 6.2 inches. All built-in apps are perfectly optimized if the transition between displays is 99% smooth. However, I must add that not all the apps in the Play Store are optimized for this kind of view. Especially in the case of multitasking. However, with the second breath, that must be added Samsung also believed that developers would simply not optimize their apps for this type of device, at least for now. It was available for this Lab feature. When turned on, the system automatically adjusts the aspect ratios of the windows so that the applications match the currently active screen. However, this is an experimental feature that must be turned on in the settings of your smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G_review_function Labs
Source: Phosphite

I also have to highlight work with multiple windows at once. It’s a useful tool, especially when you need to access and work with different data across different applications. For example, you can split the home screen in two, open several apps on one screen at a time, etc., and then work with individual windows. In general, however, I must say that In terms of the efficiency of working with the device, the Z Fold 3 is currently the best.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Multitasking
Source: Phosphite

Samsung is also happy with the camera, but it’s not the best

As for the smartphone camera, the smartphone offers a 12MP main camera, 12MP wide angle, and a 12MP telephoto camera. The camera is rated favorably overall, although I’m sure I’d take the top spot in the DXOMARK ratings, it doesn’t mix. But the machine does not even try. A smartphone generally takes high-level photos. I should also praise the dynamic range, which can handle the most challenging situations. However, where I think the camera is lagging, the colors are “burnt out”. Especially when shooting more colorful subjects, the camera presents “brighter colors” at the expense of sharpness. I’ve encountered this especially when photographing more flashy things, like colorful flowers. Below you can see some sample photos. However, I must point out that the images below are compressed and in original quality, you can watch them on this link with other samples.

let me still Praise the camera in the case of night photography. The camera is able to take relatively sharp photos, with a minimum amount of light falling on the camera sensor. The algorithm is able to “pull in” light even when it isn’t. Below you can see some photos from the night photo session. Below the photos, you’ll also find 4K 60fps video.

Not having an S Pen would be a sin

Away from this S Pen It’s not in the phone package, so I have to say not buying this one would be a sin. The reason is that It opens up new possibilities for you to interact with your smartphone. Writing notes, albeit not on paper, this pen is slowly but surely approaching. All the functions associated with the S Pen are available – the ability to take notes, convert handwriting to text, or even create an AR sketch.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Pen 5G_S
Source: Phosphite

Galaxy Z Fold 3 is a specific smartphone, which practically only a certain type of user will use

Samsung believes that foldable phones can create a new “flagship” device in the future. Without a doubt, the future will be more about foldable smartphones, and I don’t think it’s a matter of years to come. The reason is the price. The phone is not cheap and currently costs 1,799 euros and above. In general, I can’t blame the phone as such. It offers superior performance, top-of-the-line screens, and a winning design, as well as an above-average camera. What it offers in addition to the competition is that it has a large screen designed to work with multimedia content. It can also be used for “informal” business. However, I can’t imagine I’d trade it for a laptop and work on it for a day or two, for example. In other words, the phone costs 800 to 1000 euros more than other phones, while additionally offering a screen with a wide range of uses. So the question remains, will you take advantage of this screen to make your purchase worthwhile? If so, be sure to do so. If you don’t take advantage of the bigger screen, I would personally look at another device, like Samsung Galaxy S21.

But in conclusion, I must mention that Top-notch smartphone processing And for the first time, I was not afraid to “break” the phone or use the device in “gloves” so as not to damage it.

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