March 7, 2021

Retired man kills wife during first lockout in Wales | UK News

A man who killed his wife five days before the first lockdown in Wales last year has been acquitted of his murder.

Anthony Williams, 70, strangled his 67-year-old wife at their home in CVM Fran’s Bringlas, and later, after feeling depressed and nervous, told police he was mentally struggling with corona virus controls.

The arbitral tribunal in Swansea Crown Court on Monday unanimously found him not guilty of murder. Williams, who has already pleaded guilty to manslaughter for reducing responsibility, is due to be sentenced Thursday.

The pensioner had told police that he had experienced sleepless nights before the attack due to “trivial” fears, including that he would run out of money because he could not go to his bank to withdraw money from his savings. .

He said 18 months after retiring from the rubber and polyurethane coated cylinders factory was “not good”, adding that the pair were “not much in a social life”. But he described his wife as “happy” since retiring from an Asta store four years ago.

The experiment heard differing opinions about his mood from two psychologists. One of them, Dr. Allison Witz, argued that her anxiety and depression had been “elevated” by severe corona virus measures imposed in the UK days ago, and that her ability to adhere to self-control had been reduced.

Another, Dr. Damian Gamble, told the court that the defendant had no documented history of suffering from depression and that he had “no mental health care” and that Williams “knew what he was doing at the time.”

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Williams was arrested on suspicion of murder on the morning of March 28, where he told police: “Sorry, I broke up, sorry.”

In interviews he read to the jury, he admitted to detectives that he was responsible for killing his 46-year-old wife, who said he had his hands around his throat while they were in bed.

He chased his wife down and grabbed her by the throat again as he tried to open the door before escaping. She collapsed on the couple’s porch with a pair of keys in her hand.

The cause of her death was pressure on the neck, and a pathologist did not rule out the use of a “soft” dressing gown cord found in their home due to the absence of a tendon mark.

The couple’s daughter, Emma Williams, 40, told the court that her parents had “spent 90% of their time together” and that she had never heard them raise their voices to each other.

But while describing his father as “a gentle monster”, he said “not hurting an ewe”, he has been showing signs of strange behavior since January 2020.

Claiming to be losing the couple’s home and turning off the lights and heating to save money turned out to be “crazy” despite the couple having a savings of about 8,000 148,000.

He said his father had been watching the news of the global epidemic “all the time” and that “no one had ever left home again.”

“I said, ‘You’re reviewing things. You’m always looking at the news, you’re worried with Govt, your mind is spinning,’ he said.

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