January 29, 2022

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Restrictions and recent reports for concerned tourists

Restrictions and recent reports for concerned tourists

(CNN) – The 2021 summer cruise began with hope and promise, but changes in the delta were turbulent week after week.

The first outbreak of the coronavirus was detected in India in February, when vaccination began in some parts of the United States and around the world. It turned out to be a race against time: the Delta spread out against the missiles.

Delta infections increase with the beginning of August, especially in those who have not been vaccinated. Like other waves of the pandemic, the road feels the government’s impact quickly and hard.

Over the past few days, from recent travel reports to recent Google searches, it has become clear that the differences in the delta have increased due to the fears and concerns of governments and travelers. Here’s the fast bike:

UK Green List Update

The whole world seems to include the United Kingdom in its alliance. Over the past 24 hours, global searches for different terms on the UK’s “Green List” have increased from 450% to 200%.

The official announcement is scheduled for Thursday, August 5, and Austria, Germany, Latvia, Norway, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia will be included in the green list.

The traffic light system – red, amber and green – is available in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Residents of non-UK Red List countries are currently prohibited from entering the UK. British residents returning home from the Red Cities must undergo a 10-day hotel isolation at their own expense.

Could you Read the UK listing here. Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales have their own rules, but most follow them. Click the links on the UK website for the latest information from these places.

Mexico wants to know about the neighbor

Meanwhile, Mexicans are increasingly concerned about restrictions on travel to Costa Rica, a Central American tourist destination.

The country has not yet imposed any restrictions on the delta: as of August 4, tourists from any country can still travel by air, land or sea (but only on ships and ferries in some ports). There are also no tests or isolations for Covit-19. But you still have to fill out a medical certificate.

New York City: Get vaccinated for the full experience

Earlier this year, people traveled by bike across the Brooklyn Bridge. Indoor vaccination applications must be submitted in New York.

Ed Jones/AFP/Getty Images

On the other hand, New York City is responding to the growing number of delta cases in the United States. It is a welcome platform for tourists, but will soon follow many other rules.

On August 3, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that vaccination was mandatory for employees and patrons of indoor restaurants, fitness and recreation facilities in New York.

He said the “New York City Knowledge Key” will go into effect on September 13, beginning August 16. Final project details should be announced in the week of August 16th.

Chicago reacts to delta type

Although Illinois does not have travel restrictions, the city of Chicago does.

Chicago has a separate system that recommends testing or isolation of Covit-19 if the unvaccinated visitor is from a country with a high infection rate

As of August 3, 19 US states and two territories on the “orange list” require testing or isolation. The states that fall into the orange category include Georgia, Florida, Texas and Missouri.

China erupted again

You should often put off your dreams of seeing the Great Wall and other sites in China soon.

Because of delta deviations, China is experiencing the worst Govt-19 eruption in recent months. The country has 144 medium and high-risk areas, the National Health Commission said on Wednesday, much more than it did in early 2020.

Chinese immigration officials have vowed to “severely restrict unrestricted and non-essential cross-border travel,” including tightening passports for Chinese citizens.

Extensive restrictions on local traffic have increased the speed and scale of deployment, with intercity bus services, taxis and internet telephony being halted in medium and high risk areas.

More places moved to level 4 this week

Acropolis in Athens, Greece at sunrise.  Greece was transferred to the CDC "level 4" Warning max on Monday.

Acropolis in Athens, Greece at sunrise. Greece switched to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) “Level 4” warning on Monday.

Ludovic Marin/AFP/Getty Images

Other popular destinations that were already at level 4 before Monday’s announcement include Brazil, the Maldives, Portugal, Spain and the United Arab Emirates.

Highlights of the past week

“For some reason, we will keep the current travel restrictions in place in this region. The variance is everywhere in the delta is spreading here and across the world,” Sacchi told reporters. “There are more cases of delta disease at home, especially those who have not been vaccinated and will continue to in the coming weeks.”

Interested in researching in Mexico? There are many searches on Google in this popular place. Mexico is – and still is – one of the easiest countries to visit.

Its land border with the United States was closed over a year ago, but air traffic comes from all over the world. You do not need to provide isolation after or after a negative PCR test. Mexico “Level 3: High” On the CDC advisory list.