October 22, 2021

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Residents of Šusteková to town dwellings: the city is not listening to us! | Petržalka neighborhoods of the city

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The city deputies in the last assembly took note of the urban study prepared for the location of rental housing in the Bratislava region. This will serve as the basis for suggesting modifications to the zoning plan. It concerns 13 localities in four districts of the city. In Petržalka, the reason for the greatest reluctance of the population was the possible construction in usteková and Sosnová.

Since 2004, the residents of Ustikova have been fighting with petitions to change the zoning plan, and their park of more than a hundred 30-year-old trees has also become an official park. They believed that the pro-environmental activities of the city administration would also affect their environment. Now they will probably finally succeed, but in both areas, the city wants to build 435 apartments for rent for 1,088 residents. And they resist it, though it seems superfluous. Their interest should give way to the public.

“If we listened to all the city’s neighborhoods and citizens, we wouldn’t have these materials today — we wouldn’t have a single piece of land there,” Mayor Matthijs Valau told the council. The city is in dire need of apartments for rent, but it does not have much land on which to build. “We understand the need to build apartments for rent,” residents say. But with the feeling of the old settlers. We prevent the building from being as massive as you would expect a study in our area.”

They wanted change, but not like that

City representatives and study authors are trying to convince residents that there are still opportunities to discuss what will actually grow in the area. However, they feel that their comments are not very correct, and the city is listening to them, but it is going its own way.

“From the month of June until the approval of the newly prepared study, no one contacted us, did not give us the modified revised study for inspection, and did not respond to our requests sent directly to the regional committee Mrs. Kratochvilova and to the registry office by Mayor Vala,” says Udmila Tikulova, -7.

Residents of Šusteková already had reservations when their area appeared in a research study in 2018. They also protested at the beginning of last year, when the city published a proposal to allocate an urban study. The localities of Šustekov and Sosnov are already among the 5 most urbanized areas in the whole of Bratislava. Initially, Petržalka’s mayor, Ján Hrčka, rejected Šustekov’s position. Petržalka also offered the city the location of Starohájska, but they were not ultimately included in the study. (The city also plans to build apartments for rent in Petržalka in Bratská, Muchovo náměstí, Viedenská cesta and Janík dvor, editor’s note.)

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Ustek residents participated in the public discussion of the study, but their skepticism did not diminish. They wrote a petition calling for more meetings. “Despite the comments, the majority was not accepted or recognized only without being precisely specified in the document presented,” they said in an open letter to the mayor and deputies, demanding that the study be withdrawn from the council’s program. Many also perform it. “Ustekova is a stable area that has not been modernized in years,” said one resident, saying that a zoning plan had been in need since 2007, but did not envision a change from a mixed housing and civic area to 101 which is a multi-storey residential area.

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“You expect flowers in front of the cemetery, but only a disgusting open green container welcomes you to Petralca, because the modern, semi-comfortable decoration has been out of business for several weeks. They planted it with great glory only a year ago,” our reader Marta wrote.

In Sosnova, it is also proposed to change the functional use of the area, from civic facilities of importance at the city and suburban level to multi-storey residential development. Today, it is also possible to build shopping centers and hotels in the area, but the city needs apartments for rent instead. Therefore, the zoning plan is changing.

However, residents feel that their green space will diminish and will be surrounded by homes. A private developer is also planning to build on Sosnova. “We are determined to continue the fight for this green area of ​​mature trees, in Šusteková there are more than 100 trees, part of which the city will still want to cut, because it plans to build a house there in part of today’s park. There are about 40 old dense trees in Sosnova Our mouths are full of the environment and climate change, says Udmila Tikulova, but they “really get away.” “It is a paradox that in these two areas, the city is trying to destroy what it is trying to rebuild on a large scale in the center to mitigate the effects of climate.”

congestion here now

The residents also did not receive satisfactory answers regarding the traffic situation. The study mentions only the following for transportation in these two regions: “Transport in the region can only be connected by local roads Šustekova ul., that is, by entering the region via the Bosákova – Šustekova junction (CDS). Due to the intensification of the site through housing construction, the construction of Rental housing also made modifications based on the Bosákova-Šustekova intersection (CDS), at least by extending the radiation area of ​​the intersection from Šustekova Street, including modifications to road traffic signals.”

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“We are concerned about how to deal with transportation, respectively. Out of the yard, ”continued Udmila Tikulova. “It is inconceivable that construction machinery has been operating next to the dispensary for so many years!”. The entire transfer will take place in front of the polyclinic in usteková, and the critical situation is already here. Therefore, locals are interested in what will happen when more apartments and more cars are added to the area. They fear permanent environmental degradation and traffic congestion. However, the infrastructure in the study was addressed only to the extent specified by law.

Standing behind the studio

On the other hand, the Metropolitan Institute stands behind its two-year work and is convinced to improve the living environment in Šusteková. As Katerina Tivankova of the municipality’s regional development department stated in the council, Ustekova was modified for the benefit of residents, “accepted comments are included.” After discussion, the study proposes to change the functional use of the green area with trees to function 1110 – a garden. Not in the current zoning plan. “We also propose to supplement the green areas with a double-sided tree line along the northern branch of Šustekova Street and its extension to the Lower Land Road,” the study says.

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In Sosnová, based on a comment from the Petržalka district, they suggested a lower density of land use. In addition, the director of MiB’s Spatial Planning Department, Martin Berežný, stated that today’s current regulations allow more apartments to be built on Šusteková than the city proposes. He emphasized that each plot of land will be subject to an architectural competition not only for homes, but also for public spaces and infrastructure.

What then?

In the city council, Petržalka and city deputy Milan Vitrak attempted to push through a proposal according to which the study served as a basis for spatial planning only after approval of the Petržalka city district. At one time, Petralca’s deputies voted this way. However, the proposal did not pass through the city council.

So the study was approved, and moving on to the second point, this is a set of changes to the appendices of the zoning plan, the basis of which is the study. Representative Drahan Petrovich stated in the council that there is still enough space to discuss construction. Because construction will not start in a month, a year or three. He estimated that the package of amendments would be ready for public discussion in November of this year. The audience can comment on it again. After that, comments will be evaluated, which will last until approximately March. “Only then will the package be finalized and submitted to the council for approval in June of next year,” he explained.

Even if the functional use of the area changes in the ustekov and Sosnov localities, there will still be room for debate about what will actually grow in these areas. Regional decisions should precede participation and architectural competitions on urban land. The result may be very different from what the study says today. Therefore, residents should not consider withdrawing the study as their loss and resigning from their application.

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