November 28, 2021

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Multiplayer k Halo Infinite je už k dispozícii

Remember that Multiplayer Halo Infinite is now available for players

Microsoft surprised everyone during the Halo 20th Anniversary Xbox Broadcast, which took place last week. Launch a multiplayer game for Halo Infinite. So far, this is a trial version of a multiplayer game that is supposed to be free. The first season is called Heroes of Reach. Additional rewards are available in addition to game items or in-game events during these anniversaries.

The launch of the first season of this multiplayer mode from Halo Infinite came long before the campaign, which is set to launch on December 8th. This season will run until May 2022, upcoming seasons should come in three-month cycles. The exception would be Heroes of Reach, which should give developers enough time to start Season 2 to meet the players’ demands as well as their high demands.

They also showed us a trailer for the Halo universe series on Xbox Stream, which we mentioned to you earlier. Article – Commodity. The world of Halo is starting to expand, a new series and game are waiting for us. And for those who want to experience the world of Halo, this free multiplayer game could be the way to go.

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The free game Halo Infinite is only 26GB available on Steam, and there has been a lot of interest from people during the week. The servers weren’t even able to offer enough download for every player. It should be all now. according to SteamDB I played this game sometime 272586 players.

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