November 28, 2021

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Reliable energy saving and technology

Reliable energy saving and technology

ESCO Distribution Systems will help you grow your business.

26. October 2021 at 23:38

Is it possible to control energy? Thanks to ESCO Distribution Systems, yes. And this applies not only to industrial areas, but also to residential complexes. The company offers modern and affordable solutions in line with green energy trends. When taking electricity or gas, the customer can save significantly. At the same time, it avoids possible complications in power supply or billing.

Reliable and stable power supply is essential not only for businesses but also for homes. This has been particularly evident in recent weeks, when gas and electricity prices on global markets have fueled the energy debate ahead of the upcoming winter. However, in power supply, the most important link is not always the one from which the customer derives. Today, it is the distribution company that can provide businesses and residential complexes with all services related to energy supply, all reliable, modern, affordable and in accordance with green energy trends.“ESCO Distribution Systems provides customers with not only more reliable power supplies, but also new technologies that can lead to significant savings. We want to be the first choice for those who are interested in a green future and are looking for a well-established partner who will provide them with comprehensive, high-quality services and at the same time be able to respond flexibly to their needs. He says Peter Saputa from ESCO Distribution Systems At the same time, he adds, the company’s main mission is and will be to provide the best services in the energy field, across individual sectors. The company and its customers can count on the long-term experience of its owners, ESCO Slovakia, EZ ESCO and SPP. “ESCO Distribution Systems is a company that specializes in providing services in the field of local and local distribution systems to clients of all sectors. This company, like everyone in our portfolio, is focused on green solutions. This is not only about long-term sustainability or reducing the carbon footprint, but also About finances and savings We follow the latest trends in the field of energy and adapt our proposals accordingly,He says Nadia Hartmann, General Manager of ESCO Slovakia.

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Solutions for industrial areas and residential complexes

Local Distribution System (LDS) and Local Distribution System (MDS) ensure that power, gas and electricity reach customers directly. It is a power distribution network, where multiple end consumers of power are connected to the super distribution system via a single connection point.“Typical locations are industrial areas, shopping malls and industrial areas, as well as apartment complexes and family homes. A good local and local distribution system operator can optimize power distribution prices for their customers without having to change an existing supplier.” Notes Peter Sabota.

However, ESCO Distribúčné sústavy also offers solutions for such projects where the distribution network has not yet been built.“We provide not only operation, but also construction of local and local distribution systems in industrial, administrative and residential areas. We design a professional, fast and efficient energy service and management solution for our clients. For clients who want to focus primarily on developing their business, we offer comprehensive energy services starting from distribution Energy and its supply, passing through the management and maintenance of energy equipment to energy management in general.Peter Sabota describes.

Freedom to choose the energy supplier

The owner or user of a site or building with many end customers connected through a single location of a distinct distribution system has two options – to choose to operate the distribution facility with or without a license. In the first case, the distribution company enters into a contract with the owner in a specific area of ​​power distribution and subsequently ensures that the end customers are connected to the local distribution group. In the second option, the end-user network is managed by the owner himself, without a license for power distribution, and all users are connected through a single metering device.“However, this seemingly simple alternative has many drawbacks and risks. End users do not have the freedom to choose the power supply, so they are often tied to the only option of gas and electricity, which may not be the most economically advantageous. In addition, if In a complex or residential complex, where more energy consumers play a role, there may be problems with the quality of supply, but also billing for individual entities. That is why it is better to build on a stable partner that is not threatened by such scenarios.” sum up Peter Saputa of ESCO Distribution Systems.

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