January 27, 2022

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Apple a Google

Regulators say Google and Apple have broken the rules. They have to pay millions of euros!

employment unfair practices Two major technological competitors, the company google browser a An appleYou shine in the latest Italian Competition Authority (AGCM). The bureau accused both technology giants of aggressive practices in which the two companies forced users to accept terms linked to the commercial use of user data. Thus, both companies obtained profits from the Italian authorities A fine of 10 million euros. However, none of the giants has admitted these unfair practices and plans to appeal against the decision.

Lack of information when creating an account

As you know the foreign portal Techcrunch.comBoth companies have been accused of nearly identical unfair practices. In the case of Google, there is talk of deleting relevant information At the stage of creating an account To use the services of this company. At this stage Users have no way of informing them of the subsequent use of their data for commercial purposes. Apple is similar, but allegedly does not give users clear information about the subsequent use of their data.

Companies encourage users to accept the terms

In the case of Google, it is also said to encourage users to accept data processing for commercial purposes in advance. Consent itself is the default option for a consent opinion, which is not considered an appropriate solution according to the regulator. The office also notes that users do not have clear information on how to revoke consent at a later time, or change it according to their needs after account creation. However, in this case, too, Apple seems to have been inspired by Google’s practices, with the regulator also accusing it of similar shortcomings. According to the regulator, Apple’s approach and practices for creating accounts predetermine consumers to accept terms of business.

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In response to the office’s allegations, Apple said:

“We believe the office’s opinion is incorrect and we will appeal the decision. An apple Committed to protecting the privacy of its users for a long time, we work incredibly hard to design products and features that protect customer data. We provide all users with superior transparency and control so they can choose what information they will share or not, and how it will be used.”

Google also expressed a similar negative opinion of the Italian regulator’s decision:

“We have transparent and fair procedures in place to provide our users with useful tools and clear information about their use. We give people simple controls to manage their information and limit the use of personal data, and we work hard to comply with consumer protection rules. We do not agree with the office’s decision and will appeal.”

This is not the first timeWhat are you Italian authorities have highlighted the practices of the tech giants. A similar situation has happened several times in the past. At the same time, both companies certainly remember really huge financial fines, which cannot be compared with the most recent one. However, the Italian authorities seem unstoppable in this regard and are probably doing their best to protect consumers, which certainly deserves a big thank you. However, there is no need to draw premature conclusions about the latest allegations and the final decision must be awaited, as the two companies will appeal.

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