January 21, 2022

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Regular cable steals passwords and data from iPhone as well.  Send it to the production chain

Regular cable steals passwords and data from iPhone as well. Send it to the production chain

With the influx of various accessories for smartphones, dangerous products often appear on the market, which can really dwindle for users. This is also the usual looking cable, but it can steal all sensitive data from the smartphone, including passwords. Gate warned, all he has to do is watch what the user is typing on the keyboard Motherboard.

Buying non-original smartphone accessories today is a common thing that many users do not think about. However, even when choosing such a dubious brand, an ordinary cable should be noted. This is because they can get a tool through which hackers can get sensitive data from a smartphone.

The well-known pirate cable is improved

It is about OMG cable, which has Features caught attention early in 2019. At the time, it had a classic USB-A port on the Lightning connector for iPhones. Even back then, the cable was able to send data from an iPhone connected via WiFi, so hackers could gain access to sensitive information. But now an improved version has appeared.

When Apple started using more advanced USB-C cables to Lightning, this hacking tool adapted accordingly. The new OMG cable with these connectors acts as an innocent-looking accessory for iPhones, but can record all inputs from a smartphone keyboard or a keyboard connected to a Mac.

This is what a malicious USB-C to Lightning cable with a dangerous implant on the side of the USB-C connector looks like. Source: Mike Grover / Motherboard

It is a MG penetration testing tool developed by security researcher Mike Grover. It was he who demonstrated the original version of the USB-A to Lightning cable two years ago. But this time, more modern cable offered better options that hackers can take advantage of.

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It can steal texts and impersonate other plugins

Despite the small size of the newer USB-C connector, the cable also includes an implant that creates a WiFi hotspot and allows the hacker to connect to the device from their own device and record everything the user types on the keyboard. The harmful implant in the USB-C connector is half the size to fit in a small space.

In this way, according to previous tests, the attacker can steal the victim’s data even at a distance of more than one kilometer, without the victim noticing anything at all. The cable not only manages keyboard input mapping, but can also create its own identity for various USB devices and pretend, for example, that they are extensions that use a different vulnerability in the system.

A version of the USB-C to USB-C cable has also been tested at the motherboard gateway. The Lightning USB-C cable itself has managed to go into series production, raising the risk that some of these dangerous cables will be misused to spy on ordinary users.

However, Apple has not commented on the warning about this “hacker” cable, so it is not clear how and if it plans to defend itself against these dangerous accessories in order to protect its iPhone users. You can also watch a demonstration of what this cable can do in the attached video.