November 30, 2021

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Red Bull win Mexico Grand Prix: Verstappen increases lead over Hamilton, landowner Perez in third

Red Bull win Mexico Grand Prix: Verstappen increases lead over Hamilton, landowner Perez in third

Max Verstappen celebrates winning the Mexican Grand Prix Source: SITA / AP / Eduardo Verdugo

MEXICO CITY – Red Bull’s Max Verstappen won the Mexican Grand Prix on Sunday, the 18th event of the MS F1 motorsport series. The second came from Britain’s Lewis Hamilton at the finish line on Mercedes, and the third was Verstappen’s teammate and Mexican Sergio Perez.

For Verstappen, it was the ninth victory of the season, and the nineteenth of his career, and increased his lead over defending champion Hamilton to 19 points at the top of the standings.

Verstappen on the head from the opening round

Shortly after the start, it was confirmed that pole position in Mexico might not be as beneficial as the others. In front of Mercedes Hamilton and Bottas, who started from pole position, third Verstappen was already in the fourth corner. Shortly thereafter, Ricciardo hit Bottas Island, both had to go into the pits, and Finn fell last. The race ended in the first round for Konuda and Schumacher, who paid the price for colliding with Okonom.

Lewis Hamilton on the grass
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Zdroj: SITA / AP / Fernando Lano

Verstappen leads in front of Hamilton and Perez. Hamilton was the first to cross on lap 30 and returned to the track in fifth. Verstappen also completed a problem-free pit stop, which ranked second after returning to the track, but interim leader Perez headed to the pit shortly thereafter. After lap 40, Hamilton lost 10 seconds to Verstappen. Bottas gradually improved his position, but in Round 42 he slowed due to a long hiatus.

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Sergio Perez at home
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Source: SITA / AP / Eduardo Verdugo

After the 60th inning, Verstappen was 16 seconds ahead of Hamilton, who was still grinding his teeth with Perez third, who wanted to please the home crowd. Bottas was deep in the second ten, but at Mercedes they tried to get the fastest lap, taking at least a point for Verstappen. In the end, the Finn changed twice and finally won with the fastest lap. Verstappen guarded the victory without any problems and Hamilton did not lose his position, who retained second place ahead of Perez.

The next races are scheduled for Sunday, November 14 in Brazil.

Hamilton admitted there was not much more to achieve today

Number of votes (Source: Sport2 TV):
Max Verstappen, 1. Mesto: “It was a straightforward victory. I am very happy with it and also with Sergio Perez’s third place. The championship is still a long process and everything can change in an instant. I am also looking forward to Brazil, which I have good memories.”

Max Verstappen Lewis
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Zdroj: SITA / AP / Fernando Lano

Lewis Hamilton, 2. miesto: “Red Bull was faster today, I probably couldn’t have done more. I can be satisfied with second place.”

Sergio Perez, 3. miesto: “I’m not completely satisfied, I wanted a double for the team. But I never had a chance. I did everything in it, with all my heart. I thank the fans, whom I deeply recognized and heard.”

VC Mexika (71 laps, 1 round: 4304 km, Gross: 305.4 km):
1. Max Verstappen (Hall/Red Bull) 1:38: 39.086h, 2. Lewis Hamilton (F.Britt/Mercedes) +16.555sec, 3. Sergio Perez (Mix/Red Bull) +17752, 4. Pierre Gasly ( Sr. / Alvatore) +1: 03845 min, 5. Charles Leclerc (Mon. / Ferrari) +1: 21: 037, 6. Carlos Sainz (Japan / Ferrari), 7. Sebastian Vettel (Nem. / Aston Martin), 8. Kimi Raikkonen (Vin / Alfa Romeo), 9. Fernando Alonso (SP. / Alpine), 10. Lando Norris (F. Brett / McLaren), 11. Antonio Giovinazzi (Tal / Alfa Romeo), 12. Daniel Ricciardo (Australia / McLaren), 13. Esteban Ocon (Father / Alpine) All-Round +1, 14. Lance Stroll (Cannes / Aston Martin), 15. Valtteri Bottas (Vin / Mercedes), 16. George Russell (V.
Unfinished: Mick Schumacher (Nem./Haas), Juki Konuda (Jap./AlphaTauri)

Operating order:
1. Max Verstappen 312.5 Pudov, 2. Lewis Hamilton 293.5, 3. Valtteri Bottas 185, 4. Sergio Perez 165, 5. Lando Norris 150, 6. Charles Leclerc 138, 7. Carlos Sainz 130.5, 8 Daniel Ricciardo 105, 9. Pierre Gasly 86, 10. Fernando Alonso 60, 11. Esteban Ocon 46, 12. Sebastian Vettel 42, 13. Lance Stroll 26, 14. Yuki Konuda 20, 15. George Russell 16, 16. Kimi Raikkonen 10, 17. Nicholas Latifi 7, 18. Antonio Giovinazzi 1, 19. Nikita Mazepin to Mick Schumacher 0

Manufacturers Cup:
1. Mercedes 478.5 bodov, 2. Red Bull 477.5, 3. Ferrari 268.5, 4. McLaren 255, 5. Alpine 106, 5. AlphaTauri 106, 7. Aston Martin 68, 8. Williams 23, 9 Alfa Romeo 11, 10. Haas 0

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