January 21, 2022

Beyond Going Long

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Real fun at home: Featured films, series and animations in the Slovak language.  Free trial

Real fun at home: Featured films, series and animations in the Slovak language. Free trial

We all spend a lot of time at home during this period. Home office is mandatory, children have seen school in recent months, mainly from a distance, and home has become a place where we work, learn and have fun. All parents know how difficult it is to combine and how difficult it is sometimes to come up with a program not only for children, when fairy tales with translation or in the Czech language are not the best for them. But now it’s in the past…

Only on HBO GO you will find Slovak dubbing of fairy tales, movies and series. At any time you can play the role of famous cartoons from Disney studios such as Lightning, Coco, Finding Nemo or Zootropolis and not only have fun with the kids. You’ll also be delighted with Pokémon Detective Pikachu or the new series from Lab Patrol, which will appear on HBO GO at the end of February.

You will now hear Slovak in popular series such as Game of Thrones (all 8 series), Chernobyl, Euphoria, Big Little Lies (series 2), You Should Know It, Dark Matters (2 series) and the cult series Living Dead. Movies It’s New to Steven Soderberg – Let Them All Talk, the last 9 movies in the series with James Bond, the Harry Potter movies, the 2009 classic Watchmen, or hits like Zodiac, UNCLE Nickname, Steel Fist or Tomb Rider. More will be added continuously. In addition to the dubbing, subtitles for the HBO original series will also be available. Jack Snyder’s March Justice League premiere will receive Slovak dubbing and subtitles.

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But it is better to see than to read about it. If you don’t have HBO GO yet – just sign up for www.hbogo.sk And you have seven days completely free. You can watch movies, series and fairy tales whenever you want on your smart TV, smartphone, tablet or computer. HBO GO is also available through operators.