October 23, 2021

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Qena: Bridge of Souls - Review - Game

Qena: Bridge of Souls – Review – Game

During the game, especially the heroine Kane, who appears here as a spiritual guide. The world represented by nanometers is pretty dead with the fact that they cut unique wooden masks on their craft. Then it is further administered in various shrines, o symbolizes the peaceful journey of the soul to another world. Not all ghosts will go smoothly this way, because you are fighting the tragedies of your past. Either they didn’t, or they couldn’t remember them all during their lifetime. As a result, he is caught between the spiritual and physical worlds in which they become dangerous. This is where spiritual guides like Kena come into play, helping the incumbents go in the right direction and leave peace.

The course follows the steps of the main heroine who leads to a mountain shrine. Situcia becomes complicated and Kane soon discovers that the world around her is dying and may be the only one who can help him. This set looks really interesting in general and I think the entire legends of the game are quite attractive. The management itself is on top of that and I can’t help but feel that the authors are not only capable of that, but also had to say more. For Kane alone, the main character is really great, and her strength is damaged by the fact that we won’t know much about her. I missed her backstory, the motivation, the monogamous place she came from and all those cute things that infuse the duo into the main character of the game. The cycle may not be called evil, but from the point of view of spiritual guides, idiots and a dying country, more shit could have been given. On the other hand, I drank meticulously choreographed plots of scenery, where the authors did not deny their origin and kindly won with them. I should also appreciate the opinions of the poor life tricks they help.

Kenya: The Bridge of Spirits is located in a slightly semi-open world, centered on the village. It acts as a hub and drives from several different tracks. If you unlock one gradually, you’ll also get a quick mono ride. However, returns are very convenient and do not prevent you from skipping any of the sites. Although it’s not huge, but at least he had a mono to get lost and collect some chests and stuff off the main course. Kee is Kena’s young love adventure, and the main mechanics, in addition to exploring the world, include the combat system. In nri this is one of the metallic things that the acronym should work for. This is also known by the authors of Ember Lab, who managed to offer a simple, but still free combat system. Kenya has ak and if holes, so reflections flow, dodges, cuts from the bow, hadza bombs and tears.