October 21, 2021

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Putin: Election results show that democracy is developing in Russia

Putin: Election results show that democracy is developing in Russia

The Russian President gave a video interview with the heads of the parties that entered the Russian parliament.

25. September 2021 or 19:40 TASR

Moscow. The entry of more political entities into the Russian State Duma after the parliamentary elections testifies to the development of democracy in Russia. The Russian president announced this on Saturday Russian President Vladimir Putin In a meeting with the heads of the parties that entered the Russian parliament.

This was reported to TASS and the news portal rbc.ru.

“For the first time since 1999, there will be more than four factions in the State Duma. This indicates the democratic nature of electoral rules and procedures, the development of democracy in our country, and the fact that many political parties have a chance to break through,” Putin said.

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Putin said what roles are waiting for the deputies

The meeting with the heads of the parties, who will be represented in the State Duma in this election period, took place in the form of a video meeting. Putin assured the heads of the participating parties that after the elections they must fulfill all their electoral promises.

He also stressed that the powers of the State Duma changed with the change of the Russian Constitution. He also talked about the challenges facing the new government.

“We are all faced with many common tasks and tasks. It is necessary to reduce the level of poverty in the country to a minimum, to get (out of poverty) as many people as possible. It is necessary to improve living conditions, development and education.. to accelerate economic growth. “

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Parliamentary elections in Russia 2021

Elections were held in Russia on September 17-19. The population elects members of the State Duma, the highest representatives of 12 subjects of the country and members of the legislative body of 39 entities of the Russian Federation. In addition, by-elections were held for the Duma in Moscow.

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The ruling party is Russia, which got 324 seats. The Communist Party of the Russian Federation (KPRF), which would have 57 seats, the Just Russia for Truth (27 seats) and the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR), which would have 21 members of the lower house, also entered parliament.

A new entity called New People, which won 13 seats, will also be represented. The Civic Forum and the Nation and the Growth Party will have one deputy in the House of Representatives.

The lower house of the Russian parliament consists of 450 members.