January 24, 2022

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Putin continues to armament, orders the construction of six ships - World - News

Putin continues to armament, orders the construction of six ships – World – News

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered three shipyards to start production for six Russian Navy military bases. TASS and AP agencies reported this on Monday.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin during a speech at the opening of the Military-Technical Forum of the Army 2021 in the city of Alabino near Moscow on August 23, 2021

Through videoconferencing, the head of the Kremlin issued orders for the construction of two nuclear submarines armed with ICBMs, two diesel-powered submarines and two cruisers at the shipyards of Severodvinsk, Saint Petersburg and Komsomolsk in Amur.

“We will continue to strengthen the capabilities of the Russian Navy, develop its bases and infrastructure, and equip it with the latest weapons,” Putin told the Associated Press.

“A strong and sovereign Russia needs a strong and balanced naval power,” the Kremlin chief added.

Top priority

According to the Associated Press, the modernization of military equipment is a top priority for Moscow. According to the US news agency, Moscow is trying to restore the naval presence in those parts of the world that were dominated by the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

“We will continue to raise the Russian flag in sea areas of strategic importance,” Putin said.

According to estimates, the Russian Navy currently has about sixty submarines of various types and several dozen warships, including harrads, that is, light ships designed to accompany convoys.

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